Why You Should Be Grateful in Life



Most of us want to live a prosperous and happy life.  The problem is that we always want more and are not necessarily appreciative of what we have.  This is why you should be grateful in life, let me explain…

Come explore the many positive emotions associated with being grateful

Grateful Definition

Before I get into my perspective that I would like to share with you, let’s first see what the definition of the word grateful is.  According to Dictionary.com:

Grateful _ Define Grateful at Dictionary-com

As you can see, it is an adjective that we use to express our thanks for many different things in life. From appreciating someone’s help to enjoying the weather of the day, it covers a wide swath of happy feelings.

An Inspired Moment

While doing research just the other day I came across a site that had one line in it that just jumped out at me.  It was just one of those “aha” moments where life just got a little bit clearer for me.

The following came from a post on the site makemindpowerful.com:

“If we are not grateful of those we have, how could we expect the Universe to give us more?”

Such a simple statement, yet so profound at the same time.  I have already been working on being more thankful for things in my life and when I saw this it was like a missing piece of the puzzle was just found.

Let’s Delve into That Quote…

Article: The Importance of Learning From Mistakes
Article: The Importance of Learning from Mistakes

The first thing that my mind associated this concept with was the importance of learning from mistakes, which I have already written about here.  Much like we will keep repeating mistakes in life until we learn from them, until we are grateful for what we have we cannot expect to get more.

Having an aura of gratitude about yourself will not only help you to unlock yourself from the chains of always wanting more, but in actuality will bring more into your life.  This is something that I myself have experienced in my own life, especially recently.

For a long time, I wanted more and more in my life.  I wanted a better job, more money, to do more for my family and so forth.  However, I just seemed like I was stuck on a giant hamster wheel, never getting anywhere.

While I didn’t realize the benefits at the time, but as soon as I started appreciating more things in my life; I started to get more to be grateful for.  It was very much like building a snowman where I started rolling the ball of snow or gratitude and it just kept getting bigger and bigger the more I pushed or was thankful.

Gratitude as an Emotional State

Having a grateful state of being will allow you to soar to new heights of happiness.

When you can create your emotional state of being of one filled with gratitude, you are giving yourself some of the best medicine you can take.  Finding the joy in all of the people and things in your life will help you to elevate your state of being into one of a positive vibration.  This means many more positive emotions are coursing through your veins.

Negative emotions will find it much harder to weasel their way into your life.  Even when they do, you will be more aware of them and be able to make conscious choices to remedy them.  Fears and anxieties will melt away and be replaced with an abundance of things to be grateful for.

Your emotional state of being is very much like a magnet in that you will attract to yourself moments or situations of a like affect.  This is why a grateful emotional state of being will allow you to soar to new heights of happiness.

Incorporating Gratitude into Your Life

Article: Enjoy Little Things Life Give You, it is What Matters the Most
Article: Enjoy Little Things Life Gives You, it is What Matters the Most

The best way to start incorporating gratitude into your life is to start with the little things in life.  I have already written about the benefits of doing so and would recommend that you check out that article as well.

The important thing to remember though is to make a conscious effort to be grateful all the time.  The more often that you appreciate what life gives you the easier and more second nature it becomes.  Once you have made it into a habit you will continue to see more and more benefits of having done so.

A simple exercise that you can do is to create a gratitude board for yourself.  This could be a whiteboard that you write things on, a piece of paper, a journal, a poster board or whatever works for you.

By making an effort to not only be grateful in your mind, but committing it paper you help to reinforce the behavior for yourself.  There is something to be said about the “magic” of writing things down.  Not only to you go through the process of putting it to paper, but you also have it afterwards to see on a daily basis then.

Every dark cloud has a silver lining
Every dark cloud has a silver lining

One last thing I would mention is to remember that every dark cloud has it’s silver lining.  These are some of the most important times to appreciate life as they do play a key role in our lives.  Firstly, being grateful in dark times helps to shed light on the situation.  Secondly, we need these times to really appreciate the good times as well.


Share Your Gratitude with Us

Since many people don’t like to go first when it comes to sharing, please allow me to share some things that I am grateful for in life right now.

I Am Grateful for:

  • My lovely wife, as she is my strength in life.
  • My 3 children as they help me grow and inspire me on a daily basis.
  • Spiral Revolutions as it allows me to share what I have learned in life to make the world a better place.
  • My job as it allows me to provide for my family and to do the things I want to do in life.
  • My pets as they help to teach me compassion and love.
  • All of the trials and tribulations that I have experienced in life.  They have made me the man that I am today.

Now I would ask that you please share with us the things that you are grateful for.  Don’t be shy!  The more of us that share our gratitude the more of it there will be in the world and thus a better place it will be for all of us.

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20 Replies to “Why You Should Be Grateful in Life”

  1. Sometimes we when we want more, we tighten our grasp unknowingly. When we hold on too tight, new things are unable to emerge, because we are holding on tho those which are supposed to go. The key thing is finding the balance. When our energy resonates at the right frequency, good things start coming to us.

    • Finding the right balance in life is definitely the key. Knowing when to hold, when to let go can be an interesting challenge at times but that is the spice of life. That is why being grateful for all of the good things in life also plays such an important role.

  2. James, I am grateful for your article that started my week with gratitude!

    I am grateful for…
    1. GOD for everything. I can’t even explain with words for what I received from Him.
    2. My husband who helps me to become better version of myself, who helps me to acknowledge my darkness and who helps me to desire improving those darkness.
    3. Eyes, nose, mouth, fingers, arms, legs, toes every parts of my body that I can see, touch, eat and walk with freedom.
    4. Family and friends who cares and want the best for me.
    5. My dog, Zorro who helps me think a lot about the relationship between God and me and who taught me love.
    6. My site where I am learning about purpose, patience, life, people and mostly myself everyday. I am grateful for pursuing my dream and purpose through the site.
    7. A house where I can sleep with warmth and relaxation. A car that take me to places where I need to be. A phone and a laptop that I can connect with others.
    8. Every incidents happened in my life whether that was positive or negative. It all helped me to grow and be who I am now.

    • Young, glad to be able to help you get your week started off on a grateful note! I am sure that will pay dividends for you throughout the week to come!

      I really appreciate you sharing your list of things that you are grateful for and the perspective that it helps to bring here. Thank you very much for sharing, I am very grateful that you did!

  3. Thanks for the great read. What a great way to start my day with these inspiring words or wisdom. Life is tough but that doesn’t mean you need to be mad about all the bad that it throws at you.

    My Gratitude:

    1. My girlfriend, I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for her.
    2. God. He has helped me through so many things and I don’t think I would be alive if He wasn’t there.
    3. Pets, even though they can be monsters they are always teaching me patients, and to love and care about no matter what.
    4. Friends, I don’t have too many close friends anymore but the few that I do have make all the difference.
    5. WA, my life is slowly changing in a very positive way because of the support and help that WA offers.

    Thanks again for the great read!

    • Hey Derek, glad I was able to help you get your day started off on a good note! Embrace it and create yourself a great day and weekend ahead! Thank you very much for sharing what you are grateful for!

  4. James,

    Wise words from a very deep thinking man. Perhaps you are a bodhisattva, an enlightened one, who has consciously chosen to remain in the world to help others who seek wisdom. Thank you for your words and thoughts!

    It seems to me that you have hit on the fact that by finding ways to be grateful while surrounded by painful or unpleasant experiences, we open up a “magnetic” force within ourselves that pulls more experiences into our lives for which we can be grateful. And that the negative experiences themselves become, if we can view them from the correct perspective, something more to be grateful for. Spiral revolutions indeed!

    I am certainly grateful for my loving, supporting wife, who puts up with me and who has supported me in my many misadventures during our 15 year journey together.

    I am grateful for my pets, who even though they are no longer with me, still fill my heart with love and affection for them and their memory.

    I am grateful for my sense of humor, which allows me to reframe experiences and see them from a unique perspective, one that startles many others who never considered that angle before.

    And I am grateful for the community of supportive fellow seekers of a fulfilling life (like you!) at Wealthy Affiliate.

    Keep pondering the mysteries, my friend, and sharing your insights.


    • First off Roger I would like to thank you for your kind words, I am truly humbled by them. I have often thought that I feel like an old soul and to hear those words from you means a lot to me.

      Your perspective about gratefulness is totally correct. You seem to have already grasped the subject well and I hope that means it will play a bigger part in your life. I also really appreciate how you see the tie in with the name of my site here as well, that gave me the warm fuzzies when I read that.

      Thank you so much for sharing what you are grateful for. I would also say that I am very grateful for Wealthy Affiliate as it has changed my life on so many levels and I have made so many great new friends.

      Glad to see you stop back by again and I will definitely keep pondering and sharing my thoughts!

  5. Gratefulness is SO important to a full and joyful life. Great post brother!! If we could find more things in life to be grateful for I think the world would be such a better place.

    • I certainly would concur with that Shawn. Thus the reasons behind my site and this post. I am just doing my part to be a positive example through them so that I can help to make the world a better place.

  6. Thank you, James, for this thought-provoking and inspiring post. We are in the same league of making this “world a better place to live in”. According to Myers -Briggs personality test, I am an IFNJ. I always look at the big picture and always want to find ways of helping people in need. I think this is the reason why I was blessed with an autistic son. I have learned a lot from him. He has given me patience, persistence, and strength to carry all the everyday struggles in life. I was able to enter into his world and find the true meaning of happiness and contentment. As long as we have the job that could provide us with a meal on our tables, clothes to wear and a house to give us shelter, these are more than enough to be grateful for. And the most important thing that we have to be grateful for is the beauty of LIFE.

    • Adel, it certainly seems that we are in the same league as I have always considered one of my strengths to be able to see the bigger picture. When I was younger my Sunday School teacher had an autistic son and I knew him very well. I am grateful to see how you have taken this challenge and turning it into a blessing. You are setting a tremendous positive example for all of those around you and I hope that they are paying attention!

      • Thank you, James., I think I have found my mission in life and through this mission, my outlook in life has totally changed and look at things in a more positive way. This mission gave me the vision to truly appreciate everything in life by helping others in return.

        • You are very welcome Adel! I am very happy for you in that you have found your path and are not only making the most of it for yourself, but sharing it with the world in an effort to help make it a better place. I am very glad that we have found each other and I hope that we can both continue to be a great positive example for the world!

  7. Thank you for the great post. I’ve always said that the key t o happiness is to get great joy from simple things… puffy clouds… a gentle breeze.. A cup of tea.

    It’s validating to know I’m not alone.

    • You are definitely not alone! The more I have traveled down this road the more people I have found that are beginning to travel down with me. Some where already here and some are just coming onto this path. Just like how we will attract more things to be grateful for when we live a life of gratitude, so will we attract other like minded souls.

      Speaking of clouds, I was very grateful for the wonderful views of clouds that I witnessed on my commute today. It was a brilliant mix of puffy clouds, stormy clouds, and an orange morning sky!

  8. TRUE STORY! What a beautiful post! If only I could ingrain this into some people!!!! I have always been a pretty happy person. after losing my grandson years ago I went to a bad place…though when I came out of it, I had a complete new & grateful look on life. In our home now for almost 9 years, I still wake up , look out the window & Thank God everyday for everything he has blessed me with. For that I am one of the richest people I know!!!!

    • Thank you for you kind words. I am so sorry to hear about losing a grandson, no parent or grandparent should ever have to outlive children.

      It is that gratefulness inside of you that gives you the richest person you know feeling. Keep being that shining example and more and more people will see it and start to work there way over as well!

  9. Hi James, this was and interesting and thought provoking post! I will employ the suggestions you made and let me begin by writing: “I am grateful for your post because it opened my mind to different concept.” Thanks!

    • Stuart, Thanks for stopping by and I am thankful that I was able to help open your mind today. May it be filled with positivity!

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