What Seeds Did You Plant Today?



With each day that passes in our lives we take many actions that will in turn affect us moving forward.  In light of that I ask you, “What seeds did you plant today?”  What does your future karma look like with another day completed and in the books?  Will your actions reward you or stick around and haunt you?

Setting Ourselves Up for Success

What seeds did you plant today?

I have talked here often about how our actions pave the way for our life ahead of us.  We can choose actions that help or hinder us on our journey, so why wouldn’t we just choose the ones that help?  Well, it boils down to that life is complex and no matter how smart or successful we are, none of us are perfect.

With that being said though, you can certainly tip the scale to your favor by being mindful of how you live your life and interact with those in it.  By focusing on making sure that you are working on planting positive seeds you can make your own success.  So how do we achieve this?

First you need to understand the values that you have in life.  When it all comes down to it, what are the things that matter most to you?  My top five values are Love, Family, Wealth, Integrity and Spirituality.  By understanding your values, you can then strive to live by them and that in turn will help you to lead a successful life.

Treat others the same way you would expect them to treat you.

For instance, I work very hard to live my life by the Golden Rule, I treat others with the same respect that I expect them to treat me with.  I strive to communicate in an open and honest way with everyone that I come into communication with.  I always try to use common sense when looking for a solution to a situation.  This is how I live my life with integrity.

Notice in the above statements that I left room for error.  I understand that I in no way am omnipotent and I certainly am fallible.  However, when I make these mistakes I do my best to be accountable for them so that way I can learn from them and reduce the chances of repeating it.

Understanding That Our Individual Focus Determines Our Life

I have heard many excuses over the years when it comes to this concept such as, “I am just being a realist,” or “Those were the cards that life dealt me.”  These are what I have come to know as victim statements, or basically just an excuse for why things didn’t go the way that you would have liked them to.

You see, wherever we place our focus is what the Universe will help us see more of.  If you look at today’s world and see her problems, you will only be shown more of them and can be very easily overwhelmed by them.  However, should you apply your focus to the positive things happening, you can then see more of that light come into your life.

Review – The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.  Featuring the Law of Attraction

This is the biggest problem when it comes to the Law of Attraction because this Law is alive and real and it pays attention to whatever you are focusing on.  To truly embrace it and use it as a positive tool in your life you have to take a step back first to really understand how it all works.

I have heard and seen many people say that the Law of Attraction does not work and often they follow it up with and I knew it wouldn’t.  Stop right there…  Did you hear that?  They said they knew it wouldn’t work.  So if they were focused on proving that the Law does not work, what will the Law give them?  Proof (in their minds at least) that it doesn’t work.

Go back and re-read that last paragraph again as I really want that part to sink in, it’s okay I’ll wait…  Now that you are starting to understand where I am coming from, are you ready to start moving forward and creating the life that you want?  If your answer is No, then stop right now and move on and have a good day.  Otherwise keep reading below!

Planting a Bountiful Crop

Let’s learn how to help ourselves plant a bountiful crop.

Life begins with intentions, moves with actions and is reflected upon with results.  So first thing is first, let’s get our intentions set up properly.  I strongly suggest that if you don’t already have, grab a pen and paper so you can take some notes here.  Writing things down is very imperative to the process, so please do not skip it!

I would recommend doing the below exercise on a weekly basis.  Do steps One and Two at the start and then track your results on a daily basis.  This allows for flexibility not only in completing your actions, but also to allow you to change things up as needed with your core values.

Step One – Intentions:  We are going to create a couple lists here first.  These lists will help to keep our focus aligned with our values and to progress us down a positive path in life.  The first list will be those values that I asked you to think about.  What are the top five values that motivate you in life?  Write them down and note that they do not have to be in any particular order.

Now that we know our core values, let’s create a list of intentions to go hand in hand with it.  It is important to make sure that your intentions are aligned with your values and do not conflict with them.  If they are you need to reevaluate your list.  Now what I mean by intentions, is what actions are you going to take to create a positive life within your framework of values, for example:

“For my core value of Love, I intend to focus more on my relationship with my wife to enhance our marriage and our happiness together.”


“For my core value of Integrity, I intend to treat everyone that I interact with in accordance to the Golden Rule.”

This list can be as long as you want it to be and I would encourage you to see just how big you can make it.  However, make sure that for each core value you have at least one intention that you can work on a daily basis with.  After all, the main reason for this list is to guide our actions toward our goals.

What are your core values?

Step Two – Actions:  With our first two lists created, now we can focus on what actions we are going to take to achieve them.  You have your Core values and your intentions set, so now let’s take a moment to write down what actions that we can take to create the life that we are looking for.

For each of your intentions write down what actions you can take to progress you towards making it a reality.  Be mindful of the core values associated with each and that your actions are aligned with them as well.  You want to keep everything streamlined from value, to intent, to action.

Step Three – Results:  The last step of this process is to document your results on a daily basis.  This is just as vital a step in the process as any other and in the long run will help to show you many different perspectives.

At the end of each day, compare the actions that you took that day compared to the values and intentions list.  Write down what went well for you and how it all worked out.  Also though, take a moment or three to think about what did not go well that day and write that down along with what actions led you to that result.  In doing this exercise you are helping create accountability with yourself and that my friend is key.

Your Journey Awaits

Your journey awaits… Where will it take you?

With this exercise you now have a great tool that can help to guide you through your life in a way that will help keep you accountable for your actions and will help to drive your results.  This will allow you to put both hands on the wheel and to steer yourself in whatever direction that you intend to go.

If you have any questions about the process, please feel free to ask below and I will do my best to help you out.  Also, I would ask that you stop back by in a month after you start this process and update us with how it has helped you progress forward positively in your life.

Lastly, here are several articles that closely relate to this subject as well as some reviews of books that helped me get to this point:

Thank you for stopping by today and I hope to see you back again!

James W D

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8 Replies to “What Seeds Did You Plant Today?”

  1. Biggest difficulty for people to actually start implementing these ideas I feel is that they have no motivation or are so set in their ways that it takes a long time to actually evict old habits. It takes 30 days I’ve read to get rid of old habits step 2, action is the most difficult part for people to be consistent in.

    One book that I really like is, the slight edge by Jeff Olson which talks about being consistent with your actions. Like planting seeds it takes quite a while for anything to come to fruition and in many cases, people don’t see any results fast enough.

    Excellent article, though.

    • Darren, Motivation is certainly another important piece of this puzzle and it comes differently for each individual. That being said, what has helped me with that in this process is when I write down the good and bad things. Every day I do it there is always an eye opener there that helps to keep me going. Usually it is when I write down when things didn’t go well that I see this the most.

      21-30 days seems to be the magic zone for changing a habit. To me what it all comes down to is not so much the motivation, but the commitment to it. If you seriously want change in your life for whatever the reason, make a commitment to do it for a month and stick to it.

  2. Hello James =)

    I love practical posts, especially the ones which are designed to help change your life in the most positive way!

    I have my pen and paper at the go and will do the exercise after I’ve left this comment.

    Have a great day =)


    • Lawrence, Starting this process has really helped me to think more about the actions I take on a daily basis. I had my values set before, but I was struggling at times to live up to them. When I started following this process though it helped me be much more accountable for my actions and really helped align them to my values. I still have a lot of work to do in this area, but I feel much more focused than I have been in a long time.

  3. James,
    You had me fully engaged from the first line of your article to the last. I spend so much of my life living with intention and creating that vibrational match to what I am looking to achieve. Your article is refreshing and uplifting! I will go back and spend some time re-reading what you have written and examine my own intentions that are the driving forces in my life.
    Kudos to you for writing an inspiring piece that will draw me back again and again.

    • Kerri I am glad that my content resonated well within you. All too often we have good intentions but no actions or the actions we do are not aligned with our values or intentions. This process of writing it down and monitoring it on a daily basis will help to bring you into alignment and allow you to be accountable for yourself.

  4. I really enjoyed this post. I took some time to write down my lists. I certainly understand the power of writing them down. The best thing that I have learned from you post today is to write down my results daily. This is something that I have never done and I think that it is brilliant. I am now tracking my daily results. Thanks for sharing.

    • Dadrian, With understanding the power of writing them down under your belt the next best thing to learn with this exercise is how writing it all down the good and bad, helps you to learn accountability and that my friend is huge! Glad you found value here and I hope you stop back sometime and let us know how it worked out for you.

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