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Have you ever heard the phrase that every dark cloud has a Silver Lining?  have you ever really thought about just exactly what that means and how it can affect your life?  Well then, let us take a deep look into this and see what is going on.

The Basic Principal

Every dark cloud has a silver lining
Every dark cloud has a silver lining

So what is the definition of a Silver Lining, Wikipedia states:

“a metaphor for optimism in the common English-language idiom – Every cloud has a silver lining”

Since they use another big word there with Metaphor, let’s go ahead and define that too:

“A metaphor is a figure of speech that identifies something as being the same as some unrelated thing, thus highlighting the similarities between the two.”

The basic gist of it all is that even when bad things happen, there is always some good that goes along with it. However, one thing I will point out is that every Silver Cloud also has a Dark Lining.  We live in a world of balance between good and evil, light and dark, or however you want to look at it, you just can’t have one without the other…


Balance Between Opposing Forces

Let us take a deep look into how life on earth operates in a balance.  For many years now I have always been the person that states you have to have the bad days to enjoy the good days.  What I mean by that, is if everyday were a good day then they would all be the same and that would no longer be good, but rather be neutral.

Just like when it comes to Love and the saying that you don’t know what you have got until it is gone.  While some think that Hate is the opposite of Love, I actually think it is Loss.  You can be with someone and think that you Love them, but you don’t truly understand that Love until you have suffered Loss.  So if you never experience any type of Loss in your life, it will be very hard for you to truly understand what Love really means.

“Dad! This game is impossible!”

Another example of opposing forces and how they affect you could easily be seen with video/computer games.  Have you ever heard someone playing a game make a statement about the game being impossible?

I have three kids, all of whom enjoy gaming, and have heard this time and time again.  Each time I hear it I take the opportunity to remind them that if the game were easy (or not challenging) then why would they even play it.

Games are designed to keep our attention and to provide challenges for us to overcome.  If they are too easy, then we beat them and move onto the next game as this one is just not as fun anymore.  So in essence you have to have that challenging/frustrating moment within games to really find the enjoyment in them.  Think back to a time where you or someone you know got past that point where they were stuck, how did they feel afterwards?  Elated I would bet.

How The Cloud Linings Affect Our Emotions

In looking at the examples above I am sure that you can already see how the various cloud linings that we encounter in life will affect our emotions.  Not only do they affect us, they are an integral part as to how our emotions even work.  I have often found when trying to explain this it is best to use examples.  In light of that, let’s take a look at some.

I had to learn how to survive on less after losing my good paying job.
I had to learn how to survive on less after losing my good paying job.

More often than not people consider me to be optimistic or always looking for the positive, or silver lining, in any given situation.  For me, life is all about perspective and I believe that focusing on the good things leads to a much happier life.  I can look back at several bad moments in my life and while they were bad at the time, I can now see how positive they really were.

For example I once lost a very good paying job and for years afterward I learned how to live life with only half of the income that I once had.  So in that particular situation I was very thankful for losing that job as it taught me how to manage my finances much better than I had before (not to mention my jobs afterwards were all much less stressful too).

Just the opposite, someone that is pessimistic will always be looking for that dark lining in the clouds no matter how silver they may be.  These people have a harder time enjoying life as they tend to worry about things that more and likely won’t happen.  To them however, the chance that something could go bad is overwhelming to them and thusly they tend to focus on that.  What this does in reality though is give that bad thing a bigger probability to actually happen.

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4 Replies to “The Silver Lining”

  1. What a great analogy about the game! I believe that our lives here are a lot like a game where we constantly fight battles to move onto the next level and finally fulfill our purpose, becoming one with the Creator. When I think about the final level on this game of life, it gives me a thrill!
    Just to share my humble thoughts on dark clouds and silver lining in our lives…whenever I encounter difficulties, I think about how I really don’t know what’s good or bad. There were many times in my past, I thought something was bad, but later realized that I needed that to happen to personally grow and to get closer to the Creator. In that essence, I learned that everything happens in my life is good and is specifically there for me! Instead of defining good or bad myself, I am trying really hard to think about what the Creator is telling me through this. Its not easy, but whenever I choose to change my consciousness on dark clouds from negative event to a blessing or sign of communication from the Creator, I often find peace and resolutions. Thank you James for talking about this!

    • Yeah I have had plenty of opportunity with 3 kids that game to work on that perspective. Many a conversations about it have been had in my household. I truly believe in that the satisfaction of completing or beating a game comes from overcoming the difficulties that lay within it. The more challenging the game the more sweet that victory tastes in the end.

      My hindsight in life has taught me that same lesson Young. Things that I thought were the most horrible things to happen to me at the moment, turn out to be some of the best stepping stones in my life. I have lost two jobs at key times in my life that could have been devastating, but in reality they both set me on journeys that I am very thankful for.

  2. What an inspirational and insightful article! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and found myself relating to it in so many ways! Do you think it’s possible to convert a pessimist to an optimist? I’ve been working on a few people and trying to inspire them thru example…not much luck so far. Any suggestions?

    • I know the battle all to well on converting a pessimist, however you have already stated the best thing to do and that is to live your life as a positive example. The minute it becomes you trying to change them though, you will be in for rough seas. This is a long term project that you must remain vigilant with. Just keep on being a good example is the best that I can say.

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