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Every action that we take in life means something, no matter how small or big of an action it is, there is always a consequence.  I would like to share with you today an analogy to help give you a proper understanding of what I mean by this.  So find a comfy spot, relax and get ready to open your mind a little bit more today.

The Scale of Life

Which side of the scale of life do you want to place your sand on?

Imagine if you would that your life is represented by a scale, much like the one from Lady Justice.  There are two sides to it and one side is labeled positive and the other side is labeled negative. Now, I want you to consider that for each action you take in life that you are adding sand to one of the sides of this scale.

The amount of sand that you place is dependent on the action itself and how important it is.  You can place as small as one grain at a time for the simplest of actions or up to a handful for the most drastic actions that you take.  The important thing to remember though, is that we are in a constant state of adding sand to our scales with every waking moment of our lives.

Now I ask you these questions.  How do you want to see your scale loaded with sand?  Do you want to live a positive or negative life?  How would you feel if others could see your scale and where the sand was placed?  If you are like the vast majority of people in this world, you will want you sand more on the positive side because we all want to live a positive life.  We certainly would want others to see us as a good person too, right?

I personally have never come across anyone that didn’t want to lead a positive and happy life, have you?  I am sure there are a few out there that may want to be on the negative side, but that is definitely a rarity.  So if the overwhelming majority of us want to be happy and positive, why aren’t we?

Many of us are Lost

Many of us feel lost in this world.

When I say lost I don’t mean literally like your lost in the woods or something, but more on a mentality and social level.  I have seen a popular meme going around social media that state we were not born to work, pay taxes and die.  Well, that meme is 100% correct.  We were born for a lot more than that.

So how did we end up with so many of us lost?  The answer to that unfortunately is probably vague at best or at least has so many different answers that it would be hard to go over them all without writing a book.  That being said though I am sure I can touch on a few things here to help open up your mind.

One of the biggest reasons that many of us sleepwalk through our lives is that there is a shadowy element in our society that wants us to be that way.  These are people that don’t mind sand going on the negative side of their scale and over the centuries these families of people have risen to great power.  With the advent of radio and television, they were given a tremendous tool to easily influence our lives without us really knowing it.

It is through all of these devices and outlets that stereotypes and fears can be created.  Whether we want to believe it or not, science clearly shows that just being aware of a stereotype will influence our actions and thus can end up causing us to put the grains of sand on the wrong side of the scale.  Let’s look at an example:

Today’s world has trouble understanding what racism was prior to heroes like Martin Luther King.

In today’s “media” and TV you will see a lot about racism and how it is a major problem for our society.  While in some cases it certainly is, it is not the problem that it used to be, matter of fact it is far from it.  Think back to what life was like for minorities back in the 40s or 50s, there you would find real racism.

In my 40 years of existence on this planet, the little bit of true racism (like back in the day) I have seen has been very few and very far apart.  People my age and even more so on a younger level just don’t understand it like the generations that came before them, living through times of segregation.

Now if I am having trouble seeing racism in my life and the lives of those around me, why is it that it is still a problem?  That is because stereotypes are still being reinforced through the “media” and so forth and that in turn can make a non-racist person do something that certainly is.

Our “Media” has become a propaganda tool creating stereotypes.

You will note in the example above that I put “media” in quotations and that is because we do not have true media anymore.  What we have is a propaganda machine that is supported by this shadowy element from behind the scenes.

Now even if you don’t believe in the shadowy element, you still have to admit that the News and Entertainment industries have spiraled out of control at the least.  News always wants to focus on the most negative aspects of our lives, which in turn makes us live in fear of what could happen to us.  While the Entertainment industry is so tied up in sexuality and vulgar behaviors, that it can be very hard to even watch regular TV shows anymore.

Regardless of exactly how this has all come about, what has happened is that we have fallen into a trap where we are “asleep” and doing what we need to do to get by.  When we are just focusing on getting by, it makes it hard to be happy and to be living with abundance.  It is time to change our focus and…

Time to Wake Up

So you might be thinking, “How do I Wake up?”  Well my friend, just being here on this site is a great first step!  The fact that you are exploring the world around you and seeking information to help you in life is a positive step in the right direction.  That being said though, let’s take a look at some items that can help you to continue on this journey.

Meditation is a key component of helping to wake yourself up.

Mindfulness – This is a hugely important item when it comes to waking up to the world around you as it means to pay attention to all of the little things going on around you.  It also means seeing the bigger picture with those items too, such as understanding why people do certain things.  This helps to alleviate pressure on you and helps keep you from just using quick “preprogrammed” reactions that are easily influenced stereotypes.

Meditation – This practice helps to soothe your soul and brings you to center yourself.  The main thing to do is to focus on your breathing during this exercise, but there are many ways to meditate and I would highly recommend to research into the subject and find what feels right for you.  I know that personally this has been a huge boon for me and has certainly helped me to expand my mind and wake up to many more things in life.

Love & Forgiveness – I have written on this subject here a few times already and I am sure I will more down the road.  The reason for that is that these are extremely important items in helping us move to a more positive and awake world.  Love is the answer to all of our problems and concerns and I would ask you to meditate on them with Love and I think you will be amazed by what happens.  Forgiveness of oneself and others is also vitally important as it breaks the vicious cycles that we have fallen into.

Love and Forgiveness allow us to break free from our negative cycles.

Share Your Perspective

Before you go I would like to ask you to share your perspective with us on these items.  What is working for you in your life?  What exercises have you found helpful?  What books, websites, or social items have you found to be useful in your journey?

By sharing this you are making a difference in the world.  If something worked for you then by all means it can work for someone else too!  So why not share it to the world and help someone else find peace like you have.  Just leave it in the comment section below!

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12 Replies to “The Scale of Life Analogy”

  1. wow this is quite interesting ever and on the other part teaching much. i even realise that in most cases i go the wrong way of where i use to end up thinking wrongly but this article have brought me to the right path its not only meme use to say they were not born to work but even some man have that mentality

    my brother your contribution made a lot and keep doing this


    • Jose I am glad that my words helped to open your eyes some about your behaviors and where your sand was ending up. Keep working at it an you will see a difference, that I can guarantee.

  2. Wow. What a fantastic article! (seriously). You metaphorically hit the nail right on the head, if that makes sense lol. You are so right about the actions we take in life, every single action in life that we take there is always a consequence, whether we know it or not. Do you believe in karma? Because I do:)

    The scale of life analogy that you created here is so neat.
    In life there are only two types of energy, that is negative energy and the other is positive energy. I personally believe that it is impossible (yes I said it) for a person to be 100% positive, because that would be interfere with the laws of the Universe, and because of that there is and there would always be negative and positive energy.

    It may sound crazy, but it is natural for a person to have that sort of balance in negative and positive energy. Now what I am going to say something that is going to relate about the balance scale: There needs to be more weight on the positive side than the negative side. What you said there is so freaking true I wish I could yell it out to the world LOL.

    The media has its own way of controlling people via manipulation. People need to watch less news and do more other productive things with there life. The news is designed to inflict negativity to the masses, its sad that most people are not going to realize this. Its supposed to inflict fear to people. People have to realize that fear is just a state of mind F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real).

    I have watched documentary after documentary and the information that I have gotten is heart stopping.

    I am currently in the beginning stages of meditation, and it is a great.

    I am a huge fan of self improvement as well, we should talk more:) Sorry for such a long comment lol.

    Amazing freaking article! =)

    • First off no reason to apologize for the length of your comment, I am truly honored that I was able to stir such thought and passion in you. So thank you!

      You are right in that it is natural for us to have negative grains of sand. That is why we incarnate here on Earth, to traverse through a world filled with both positive and negative energies. By experiencing them both is how we learn and grow and I believe this is done over a multitude of lifetimes (through Reincarnation).

      I stopped watching the news years ago as I grew tired of all of the fear porn that they showcase. Too few and far apart were the positive and uplifting stories. As of right now I can say that I have stopped watching general TV for a year now. The only shows I watch are on Netflix or something of the like that I can watch at my digression.

      I have been working on meditation for a while, but have only recently (within the last year) actually gotten more serious about it. That being said though the benefits that I have garnered from it have been amazing for me and I am very thankful for that. I will certainly continue to work on and hone in on my skills.

      I am always open for discussion and would certainly be up to talk. Feel free to reply here or shoot me an email as well, whichever you prefer.

      Again, thank you for your well thought out response, I truly do appreciate it.

  3. This is a great site and important for things to consider. These are things that are sometimes so useful and commend you on the job you are doing. You are covering many different aspects of slowly improving ones life. The key you might want to tell people is that they won’t be perfect. You can do all this and still not be perfect. However, you will be in a much better place FOR SURE.

    • You are right in that we are not going to be perfect and that we will make mistakes. I have written about that before and I have stressed how important it is to learn from those moments so that you do not have to repeat them.

  4. Imagine your standing before the scales of justice looking at how your life has measured up at the end of it all. How do you want it to look? How much sand do you want on the positive side? How much on the negative side? Now imagine not only you but everyone can see your scales. Does it matter? Do you want it to look differenly now that others can see? When asked most of us wa t to live positive lives, but if that is so, why are we so lost? Why aren’t we truly happy? Why do we not feel fulfilled? Why does having more things and more money makes us feel more miserable? What can we do to change this? Most of us let our dreams slip by. We don’t let ourselves take chances. We dont take the leaps of faith that it will turn out okay in the end. We need to have courage, belief in ouselves, faith in our convictions. We need to dream impossible dreams, and go for it, jumping in with both feet. Positivity comes from loving ourselves and believing in ourselves, and having the courage to try.

    • Very well said. It is not selfish to Love yourself and is actually rather vitally important. Through Love and Forgiveness of oneself, you are then able to share those traits with others in your life.

      The strife we live through in our current life is to teach us and it is up to us to learn the lesson or to repeat it until we do. This can happen over many lifetimes and sometimes you can build up a lot of bad karma if you fail to learn your lessons. They always say those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.

  5. Very inspiring article you wrote here. The issues that are discussed in this article, are things that the average person doesn’t realise, but they all experience them just the same.

    Like you said, we are all not really living, but just getting by. It’s rather disturbing to me how many people are giving up on their dreams, and taking up jobs they hate, just to be secure. But they end up being lifeless drones in their 9-5 cubicles.

    Great article!

    • Thank you much for your kind words, they are appreciated. You are right in that the average person does not realize these things, that being said though I believe things are changing. The more of us that wake up the more the average person begins to see it as well. We are getting to the tipping or boiling point here and when we do watch out! The world will be changing for the better!

  6. James,
    This is an awesome site, especially if you want to read and learn anything about self development.
    I notice you are more into the spiritual side of how to use your mind and what actions to take.
    Since I’m really into self development, I’m going to bookmark this for future posts.

    • Alan, Thank you for your kind words I really appreciate them. I have worked hard to bring a level headed point of view of the world using common sense and doing my best to keep ego out of it. I want to do my part to make the world a better place.

      I have long considered myself as someone that can see a larger picture and have been blessed/cursed with a large amount of common sense. With that in mind I wanted to share my spiritual journey and perspective with all so that we can grow together.

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