The Importance of a Smile and Why You Should Pass It On



When I first got into the sales industry I was constantly bombarded by training, especially when it came to smiling.  While I understood that concept at the time, it would be a few years later until I learned the importance of a smile and why you should pass it on.  Today I would like to share with you some of those things that I have come to learn.

Smile Training?

Smile while you dial!

When I first entered the “professional” world, one of the first things I learned was to smile while talking to customers on the phone.  This was done as it reflects through your voice and helps to comfort the customer on the other end of the phone.  Smile while you dial was a popular phrase.

As my career progressed I came out from behind the phone and dove into the retail world.  I quickly learned that just as it was important to smile when on the phone, it was even more important to do it in person.  Smiling just has a way of easing any tensions between the sales rep and perspective clients.

This was my ever so innocent start down this path and learning just how powerful a smile can be.  Over the years I have taken and adapted this into many areas of my life.  A few years back though, I started doing what I jokingly called smile therapy.

Smile Therapy

When you are feeling down.  Put a smile on your face for a minute!

This was something that I started doing a few years ago whenever I would find myself in a bad or grumpy mood.  As soon as I came to that conscious realization I would stop and make myself smile for a whole minute (it’s not as easy as you would think either).  By the end of that minute I always felt better.

I also began to share this technique with family and friends as well.  At first many were very skeptical of it and perhaps just thought I was joking, but from time to time someone would come back and let me know that it worked for them too.

Now maybe there is some fancy all thought out “official’ smile therapy out there, but with mine it is a simple as making yourself smile.  This in turn has a way of helping to change our mood into a more positive state.

In the book I am reading at the time of writing this article, I actually just stumbled across research that actually proves the point behind smile therapy.  The book is called Blink by Malcolm Gladwell and towards the end of it he reviews research that does back up my idea.

Pass it On…

Always return a smile to children.

The longer I live here on Earth, the more I feel the need to pass a smile on whenever I can.  I guess you could say that I just have something inside of me driving me to want to make the world a better and more positive place.  With that in mind, the simplest way to get that started is with the passing on of a smile.

As I stated above I learned about smiling in my sales training and as I did so I also incorporated it into my personal life.  I began to smile more often and not just while working, but all the time.  It didn’t take long for me to notice how smiling affected those around me.

You see a smile is a lot like a yawn or laughter in the fact that it is contagious.  Smiles just have this way of brightening our day and when confronted by one, it is really hard to not join in.  Matter of fact, I think trying not to smile is probably one of the hardest things to actually accomplish.  However, passing one on gives them a small dose of Smile Therapy to help them on their way.

I would also like to take a moment to strongly recommend that you always smile or return a smile to children.  I believe that it is very important to do so to help encourage them to believe in the good in the world.  Remember that children are highly susceptible to the world around them and it is important to be that positive role model for them.

Now that you know the importance of it, Smile and pass it on!

Share Your Story

I would love to hear how a smile has affected your life or how you pass them on to others!  Please leave a comment below and share your story.  The more comments the more perspective we have and that allows for us all to form a better picture of what is going on.

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James W D

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12 Replies to “The Importance of a Smile and Why You Should Pass It On”

  1. Great article, James! What you said about how smiling has a way of easing tensions is so true!! When I first moved to Untied States, I didn’t speak English very well. Even ordering a sandwich was intimidating back then. Hahaha. However, when I encountered people who smile more at me, it gave me a sense of their acceptance and patience around me. That was a HUGE relief and motivation for me to move forward. It’s amazing how a small action can make someone else’s life so much easier!

    Your article reminded me how much I appreciate all those strangers who smiled at me and how I should smile more too! :):):)

    Thank you!

    • Thanks for sharing your story Young, it lends great perspective to the discussion. Now that I think about it, I tend to do this with people that are having trouble communicating with me too. Perhaps this goes along with my ability to help people so much. Often you don’t always realize all of the tools that you use to do so. I will have to be a little more mindful of this now myself! Thank you.

  2. My opinion is different though. I think you should smile naturally, which means only when you want to.

    This is an interesting take though.

    • Julius, I do agree that natural smiles are the best kind. However, there is scientific evidence to support Smile Therapy and that it does help your mood. At the same time though, if you are upset and want to be happy, then isn’t that a natural smile since you want to (and be happy)?

  3. Love your article and your attitude, James! I often smile at random people, and most of the times I get a smile back. So, I am on the right track there. I will try your smile therapy in times of severe irritability! Lol
    Keep up the good work! Smiling at you, Audrey

    • Thank you Audrey, I really appreciate your kind words. It always brightens my day when someone smiles at me, so I made sure now that I am always smiling at others when I can. Smile Therapy is certainly a good tool to use when you are not in a positive mindset. Sometimes it works right away and sometimes you have to keep at it, but in reality the therapy itself is that you are consciously making an effort to feel better.

  4. Nice post, James. I need to print this out and put it on my poster board. Lol. I am told all too often of how I scowl! I had no idea I was frowning most of the time. I know it makes a difference in how you are perceived by others, but it can also change your mood. Very informative.

    • I can certainly understand that Audra. When I was younger I very rarely smiled and even after I learned in training that I needed to be. It was easy over the phone, but in person was something very different. I had some teeth issues that showed when I smiled so I would avoid it. Over time though, I came to terms with who I was and no longer cared that my teeth were not perfect and I began to share smiles much more often. I even have my goofy smile where I prominently show that I am missing a tooth, but it sure does get a laugh! I would highly recommend printing something out for your poster board to remind you as it will make a difference for you and everyone you share with.

  5. It;s funny–i moved from nyc and if you had smiled at people, they literally would move away from you, assuming you were crazy LOL. When I moved to Florida, I was shocked at people smiling at me all the time. I was like “what is WRONG with you?” lol. I had to unlearn some bad habits, and now I smile all the time!

    • It is amazing how perceptions can change from location to location. I have heard all too often that being friendly when in NYC is a sign that something may be wrong with you. All that said though, this is why it is even more important that we share smiles whenever we can and spread the happiness that resides in our souls. Even if it means we are a bit weird.

  6. 🙂 For this, you get a big SMILE! My favorite thing to do…smile at total strangers out in public and see how many I get in return. Surprisingly, not everybody is willing to smile back! It’s ok, though, I’ll keep doing my part.
    Great article, James!

    • I totally understand that. I think sometimes people are just shocked by it that they don’t do it back, but regardless you still showed them that there is positivity and happiness in the world. So yes, you are doing your part and I am thankful for that.

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