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Many of us have found ourselves on a journey of understanding in this life and this is why it is important that we practice Spiritual Journaling.  The power of writing things down can be very strong just as well as being able to reference back to something or a specific time.

Are you writing important things down from your spiritual journey?

Our Spiritual Journeys

Chances are that if you are reading this that you yourself are on a spiritual journey and you might now be wondering what you should be writing down.  Well, there are many different things that you could chronicle, but today I will be talking about just a few specific areas.

Today we will take a look at writing down things from meditations and or prayers, dreams and intuitive moments.  Each of these bring certain different qualities with them along with many common areas as well.  I will break each one down for you here today to help give you some perspective on it all.

Often during meditation or prayer can we be given feedback and it is important to write it down.

Meditation / Prayer –  During these times we can often be inspired or even “hear” feedback form the other side.  I often use my meditation time to communicate with my guide and higher self for example.  Insights gained during these times are very important to write down as you will see in a bit with my personal example.

Dreams – Recording your dreams each morning can lead to some interesting things.  Often dreams seem random and don’t make too much sense.  However, as you start to record them you can start to see the larger picture come into focus.

Intuitive Moments – These are those moments in life when something such as an idea hits you with absolute clarity.  These are extremely important to write down as well as they often happen at times when you cannot stop and focus solely on them.

Why is it Important?

Now you might be wondering why it is important to write these things down and to keep a journal.  I have a story that happened to me this year that I would like to share with you first to help you understand better.

As fall of 2015 was setting in we took one last trip up to the mountains to spend time at our camp.  The herd of cats from the local farm came up as usual for food and quality time.  It was at this point though that one of our favorites turned out to be very sick and we worried that he would not make it through the winter, so we rescued him and took him home.

Nutty Buddy
Meet Nutmeg, a.k.a. Nutty.

While he made it through the winter, come Spring it was obvious that he was not going to make it.  The night Nutty passed we all got to spend some time with him and it was obvious that it was time to say good bye.  After everyone else had said good-bye,  I took Nutty and held him until he passed.  It was during this time that I said to him that it was okay to go and that I gave him permission to reincarnate into our lives again.

That is when I had an intuitive moment and I “heard” a voice say in my head that he would be back as a female and I would know by her black stripes.  It was very serious at the time, but I also laughed a little as for female cats I prefer calico.

Flash forward to this last weekend (Sept 2016) and My wife and two friends made an evening trip up to camp to enjoy a warm fire for the evening.  The next morning when I woke up my one friend told me that there was a kitten over by the food.

I went over and there was this precious little calico cat.  I squatted down beside her and began to pet her and she was not skittish at all.  When she was done eating I picked her up and that is when I saw that the front of her face was striped with black fur like a tiger cat.

Meet Itty Bitty.  Notice the black tiger cat like stripes on her face.

Without even giving it a second thought, I took the kitten into my wife who was still in bed.  I woke her up by placing the kitten in her arms and telling the kitten that this was her new mommy.  There were no arguments about it, the she was coming home with us as she was already showing signs of a cold and was very skinny to boot.

Now let me ties this all together for you and show you why it is important to write things down.  A couple days ago while preparing for dinner my wife and oldest son were there and I told them about what I had heard when Nutty passed and then I picked up our new kitten, Itty Bitty, to show them the black stripes.

The both laughed a little and did not believe me.  It was at this point where I immediately regretted not having written down what I had heard would come to pass.  Imagine how awesome it would have been to go grab my journal and show them what I had written a half a year before.

Not only can you help to confirm things to others, but more importantly is being able to remember and confirm things for yourself.  Thankfully I had still remembered that night and what happened, but I am sure there have been many other times that I have missed.  Being able to have that confirmation for yourself though is an important part of growth on your spiritual journey.

Seeing the Bigger Picture

Aside from giving you proof when you need it, writing things down will help you to see the bigger picture and how it works.  Once it is written down, there it is on paper and it is not forgotten.  Just like pieces of a puzzle, each thought, dream or whatever you felt was important enough to write down, can be put together to give a better idea, concept or perspective.

With each piece that you add to the puzzle you can see the bigger picture.

With each piece of the puzzle that you add to your journal the more clear the picture of your life can become.  Often things that strike us today are meant for us to know further down the road.  Having things written down where you can review them can help lead you to the moment where the information is needed or where it becomes validated.

Each piece also brings with it new perspectives on life and helps you to see it from different angles.  For instance, perhaps you have always had an opinion about a certain subject, but during meditation or in your dreams, you are getting insights that are different from your view.  As the signs and passages in your journal add up, you begin to see that bigger picture and get a clearer image on what you once believed.

The Power of Writing

The power of writing things down is extremely potent.

One last perspective that I would like to share with you before we wrap up for today is to talk about the power of writing things down.  The benefits above are not the only ones that you will get from this process.  When you write things down, it also helps your mind to commit it to memory much better.

If you have ever been in any type of business or school where you have goals, what is one of the first things they tell you to do with them?  Write them down!!  Why?  Because writing it down aligns your focus with it and helps you to progress towards it.  Also, it is a handy reminder of what direction you should be traveling in.

Now let me recap all of the benefits here for you in one spot:

  • Helping yourself commit to the ideas, goals and so forth that you write down.
  • Giving you confirmation of messages that you have received.
  • Seeing the bigger picture
  • Understanding other perspectives

I am sure there are many more, but these are the ones that I highlighted here today.  So what are you waiting for?  Go grab a notebook, journal, or just grab some paper and get writing!

Share Your Thoughts

Please share your thoughts and perspective with us.
Please share your thoughts and perspective with us.

Before you go I would ask that you please share with us your thoughts or experiences with writing things down and how it has helped you on your journey.  Did I miss something important that we should all know?  Do you have your own unique twist that helps you with it?  Remember, sharing is caring!

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Thank you for stopping by today, I appreciate that you spent some of your precious time here at my site.  I hope that I was able to provide you with enough value that you will stop by again another day.

James W D

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14 Replies to “Spiritual Journaling – The Power of Writing Things Down”

  1. That was such a beautiful story that you wrote about your cat. I wish I had an intuition like yours, but I guess that just mean I should meditate more. I’m keep a journal right now that is kind of an experiment to me. I’m currently keeping track of all the time I spend meditating during the week, then at the end of the week I add it all up. Across, I made a column of everything that I counted as a success, or victory that week. I guess it’s my way of encouraging myself to be more mindful and meditate on the things I want most. I started this only recently, but I have already felt a huge shift in my mindset. I am confident that my journal will show much more abundance and good fortune the more I become in tune with myself.

    • Hailey, I do agree that it is a beautiful story and one that I am often reminded of. We all have an intuition like this, but it is often an unused skill.

      You see in this world as it is in general, we are not taught about these principals growing up or in school. That does not however mean that we don’t have the skill or can’t learn to use it. So keep meditating, keep the journal and do what works for you. Before you know it your skill will come into focus.

      If you would ever like to discuss anything further, please always feel free to get in touch with me. Thank you for sharing your story with us!

  2. I just recently started journalling because I’ve realized for like the last two months or so everything I’ve been dreaming about has actually happened. I thought they were just dreams, but I was actually receiving messages from someone else. For the last week I’ve been forgetting what I dreamed before I could recall what was so important about it.

    • That is very intriguing and I would highly encourage you to continue to work on it. Keep writing everything down each morning or even as the day wears on and something pops back into your mind. Also, I would suggest to work on setting intentions to help keep up your momentum. Go to bed at night and say out loud that you will remember your dreams tonight and that you will chronicle them in the morning. Keep an open mind and try not to judge stuff right away, just let it flow out of you and then you can analyze it after the fact.

  3. Hey there James =)

    I have been on a spiritual journey for the last 3 years and I have been meditating, reading spiritual books, practicing surrender and contemplating life through asking mind opening questions etc which has and still is doing wonders!

    I haven’t actually wrote much down about my journey and this post and just given me a good enough reason to start doing so!

    I am truly amazed by the story you shared.

    I loved the info you shared in this article – You have a wonderful message! =)

    • You’re welcome and thank you Lawrence. I had been wanting to start a dream journal for a little bit now to try and help my ability to remember them. I had done it before but got away from it.

      When this recent story came to fruition, it really got me thinking about writing things down more. Regardless of not having written it down, it was still amazing to me to see it come to fruition.

      I am looking forward to seeing how this will be of benefit to you! I hope that you stop back and let us know.

  4. What a wonderful story about the cat you lost and the predicted kitten that was found, just for you, nobody else. What a good testament to writing things down as they happen.
    I am guilty of the same thing. I often predict things that do actually happen and when I say about it, everyone laughs.
    In my case, predictions aren’t always pleasant and I’m not sure whether it would be a good idea to write down a potentially unpleasant event.
    For the future though, I will definitely try and record events that anticipate a winning ending. Thanks for a very enlightening post. Ches

    • Thank you for your kind words Ches. It sounds like you have a good intuition about you and I would definitely recommend writing all of the things down. You don’t have to share the results with anyone, but you will be able to learn a lot more about your gift and how to use it by keeping a record of it.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing with us. I hope to see you back again and I look forward to seeing a story of yours!

  5. Always good to journal. I have been doing it for many years on and off and it is a great way to get thoughts and ideas and emotions out of your head. Reading back your journals years later can also be very insightful for your progress. Great article.

    • I did a dream journal before and found great value in it, but eventually fell away from doing it. I had been wanting to rekindle it when all of this came about. I had also been doing research for things to come here at Spiral Revolutions and have been taking many more notes then I used to. All of this together has shown me the power in writing things down and the benefits to be had. Thought it was certainly worth a share at that point.

      You are also right in that going back to read your journals some time later can also provide a lot of valuable insights. Every now and again I re-read my old dream journal and it always amazes me what I learn from it each different time.

  6. Great article here, I have never heard the term Spiritual Journaling before. However, I think it’s a great concept that everyone can benefit from, I have never been one to write things down but after reading this article I feel as though I should. Because doing so will give me a better understanding of what is going on in my life.

    • When you start writing things down you can really get a much better sense of what is going on around you in your life. Little things that are important but easily forgotten slip through our minds every day. However, when you have a record that you can look back on and review those items, they can then have the impact on our lives that they should.

      I hope that you do give this a try in your life and I know that it will benefit you. I hope to someday see you pop back here with a great story to tell us!

  7. Journaling is a powerful thing!

    Now that is something that works either way, you can write good things that happens to you and also use it for writing negative things in life.

    I have known people who will write whatever bad happens to them just because they are not intending to share it with someone, now there is nothing bad about that because it gives you a convenient way to release intense emotions, but you need to burn it later on!

    I can’t really keep count of how many intuitive messages, meaningful dreams and insights I have missed just because I was so lazy to write it down.

    The story is very interesting James, I remember one of my pet cat dying in the same way but I wasn’t strong enough to let that happen again so I never wished for anymore pet cats like you.

    I agree that it would have been great if you would have wrote it and showed it to your wife and kids, but trust me, such things don’t amaze anyone else as it does to us because we know the truth about it that it cannot be happening for no reason.
    Yeah, but it surely lets us confirm that we can communicate on a much deeper level with people, spirits and our higher self.
    Another great post James!

    • Hari I have certainly learned how powerful of a tool writing things down is. Doing so has made some pretty big impacts on my life already. Now I am looking to take things to the next level here.

      You certainly can write down negative things and it is important to burn them to help to properly release them. I have never tried this one personally, but I know some who have and they said that it did help them.

      I understand what you are saying in that others won’t be as amazed by such things, but with each one that comes to fruition it just builds a better case for it. Still, having that personal confirmation for yourself is still more than worth it even if you don’t share it with others.

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