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Sometimes it is okay to ask for help in life, to ask for direction or just to acknowledge the things that give you joy.  Recently I have begun working on and have had good success in learning how to communicate with my spiritual guide.  Part of my problem with this process though is that I don’t want to just hit an easy button and get what I want, I still have that burning desire to learn and do things on my own.

Today’s Synchronicity

Google+ came to my rescue with a timely and asked for synchronicity.

Last night was not a good night for me emotionally as I got into a fight with my wife and ended up going to bed hours early.  Today when I woke up the pain was still fresh in my heart and in light of that I wore a red shirt so that no one could see my heart bleeding today.

As I scrolled through Google+ first thing this morning I asked my guide and higher self that I find a sign to help me get centered today.  This is something I do not typically like to do as I have always felt like it was my responsibility to figure it out on my own.  After all, isn’t that the whole reason we incarnate on Earth… to learn from our trials?

It did not take long though until I came across a post that caught my attention and I clicked on it to take a look.  As I read through the article I was flat out amazed as things that she said were just what I needed to see.  Mainly it reinforced things that I already know, but it brought them to the forefront so that I could properly focus on them.

I would like to thank the author of this post, Sonia Voldseth, for sharing her story with us as well as a link to her post:  Are You Good Enough?

More Than Just One?!?!

Much like Buddhist monks, I was able to reclaim my inner peace.

After that I moved on feeling a ton better about myself and feeling centered once again.  However, I would soon realize that I was not done seeing the things that I needed to see for the morning.  As I progressed over to working on my site here I went to a G+ community for other like minded sites as mine and quickly found two more articles that hit the spot.

The first one was from a friend of mine from Wealthy Affiliate who recently came back to the program.  Lawrence Gregory wrote an article called:  How to Find Your Inner Peace – 3 Powerful Ways.  It was the first way that he described that really hit me like a brick over the head.  The one statement he explored was, “whatever you resist, persists.” and that really hit the mark for me.

The next article I read was written by Helen Vella called, “What to Do When You Can’t Change?” While this in itself was a solid article with good information, it was the link at the bottom that caught my attention, “Emotional Freedom Techniques.”  That article was really cool and I just had to share it on Facebook too.

All of these authors stepped up to the plate and put themselves out there, sharing personal details throughout there posts in an effort to help people.  Today I left comments for all of them to let them know that it worked for me and that I really appreciated it.

Asking for Help

So now let’s get back to why it is okay to ask for help, whether it is from family and friends, strangers, or your spiritual guide.  I will take a few moments to discuss each one here in a little more detail.

Family and Friends:  Our family and friends in this life are often much more than just that.  They are a part of our soul’s family or group and we tend to reincarnate together very frequently and in all kinds of different relations.  In light of this, you have to remember that we do so to help each other along the way and thus why it is okay to ask them for help.

With Family and friends, they are all a part of our soul’s family/group.  Some play roles in the forefront while others play lesser roles.  We are all here for each other regardless though.

Strangers:  When it comes to people you don’t know it is still okay to ask them as well.  Why?  Because we are social creatures and on top of that we are all here to learn, grow and prosper.  By asking a stranger for help we are acting out socially and that is okay.  It also gives someone else the opportunity to do something kind for a stranger, which in turn can help them feel better about themselves.

Spiritual Guide:  This one is the one that tripped me up when I first began to communicate with mine as I didn’t want to get the answer from him.  Alas though, as a guide they understand what information we need to hear and only communicate with us as to what will help us on our journey.  They are not an easy button at all, but will get you pointed in the right direction as needed.

Guidance, Not Answers

A lighthouse does not tell you exactly where the rocks are, but it does provide guidance.

This is what it boils down to.  None of us have the answers for anyone else other than ourselves.  The only thing that we can do is to provide guidance by letting them know what worked for us.  It is up to the asking party then to take that advice and to make a choice as to whether or not they apply it to their life to see if it works.

You see none of are perfect and what works for some may not work for others.  We all come from different backgrounds, upbringings and so forth.  However, it is when we come together and accept each other as human beings that we can communicate, learn, grow, and so much more with each other.

Lastly, I would like to ask you to also look at this from another perspective.  If you see someone is struggling, please offer any assistance that you might be able to give.  Note that I said offer, as the other party has the free will to either accept or decline it.

Before You Go… Please Share

Please share your thoughts and perspective with us.
Please share your thoughts and perspective with us.

Before you go I would ask that you please share your thoughts and perspective on this topic.  Through discussion of it we can all grow and learn together, so please add your valuable piece to our puzzle.  Also, if you have any questions at all please feel free to share them here in the comment section as well or email me directly.

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Thank you for stopping by today, I hope that you found value with what I shared today.  Hope to see you back again!

James W D

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10 Replies to “Sometimes it is Okay to Ask for Help in Life”

  1. Great post and great idea sharing other peoples links as well. Asking for help is not something us humans do easily. Providing you ask the right person and their help is a positive influence on your state it can b very beneficial. Thanks for sharing.

    • I have come to learn in my life that we are all here for each other and that we need to learn how to rise above the fear of asking for help when needed.

      I have worked in sales for a long time now in my 9-5 and if I don’t know an answer for sure I will ask for help. I have only ever been given compliments from my customers for doing this, they always appreciate that I am willing to make sure I get them the right answer the first time. I have never been criticized for doing it.

      The main thing though is to ask for help and then allow what you receive back to come into to an open mind. From there take what works for you and leave the rest.

  2. I can relate to what you are going through. Prior to my divorce a couple of years back, I was a headstrong person with a big fat inflated ego.

    Refusing to get help has got my whole life crumbled before my eyes. And normally it’s our fault that messes things up. Our ego prevented us from admitting that we are lacking in the right knowledge.

    Perhaps Einstein’s quote “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.” sums it up for us.


    • Kenny it can certainly be hard to be mindful of everything that is happening in our lives, even when we practice the skill. As you said Ego can get in the way as well as many different other things as well.

      Even with running this site and talking about all of these things I still make mistakes or forget to follow my own values. It will happen to the best of us. However, we must be mindful to learn from those mistakes as that is the key to successfully moving forward.

      They didn’t call Einstein a genius for nothing!

  3. Sometimes it just feels like everything that is happening around which comes to our awareness is somehow related to us isn’t it? Well, I have had many such moments when I felt like I am one with everything else and I believe that the way you were showed all these posts by the universe as if the authors have written it just for you is one of such moments.

    It is true that we should not hesitate to ask help from anyone or anything, the world exists because we all work together and not asking help equally affects the balance as not offering help does.

    • Hari I certainly do believe it was one of those moments. I honestly think I could write a book about the last couple days of last week with all of the synchronicities that happened.

      The best part for me after writing this article I looked out my office window and there was a lady giving her dog water out of a bottle and she ran out, but the dog still looked thirsty. We were giving away water for the town fair going on so I took a bottle out for the dog and they were both very grateful. She said that he had been going through the water she brought much faster then she thought he would. So I was able to offer help as well here.

  4. Hi James =)

    Like you, I think it is okay to ask for help or directional guidance when we need it the most.

    It’s interesting that you found the answers from a few posts all in the same day! – no that is synchronicity.

    That’s another reason why I love being active on forums because you can ask for help any time you desire to! =)

    Keep shining the light for people man, you’re doing a brilliant job with this site.


    • First off Lawrence I am humbled by your kind words. Thank you very much.

      Yes it certainly was a great Synchronicity for me and once again I was very thankful for it. I started off the day feeling blue, but as the day progressed I became more and more centered.

      I will certainly shine the light that I can as long as I can.

  5. Thank you, James, for sharing and putting your personal stuff out there…it really does help us all to know that we’re not alone in the many struggles this life throws our way.
    And, this topic hits home with me. I have always had trouble with asking for help with ANYTHING! Even as a child I insisted on learning and doing things myself…like tying my shoes, riding a bike, etc.
    As an adult, I am finally learning to accept the wisdom and experiences of others as they are offered to me. Asking and receiving help in this way still allows YOU to do the work. You’re still doing things on your own; nobody can do these life things for you. But, asking opinions and for support are tools, sort of, to help us learn and do what we need to in order to move forward on our individual paths. 🙂

    Be Well!

    • Glad to see you back again Barb, I always enjoy the perspective that you bring to the party.

      I can certainly understand where you are coming from. When I got my first bicycle I would not even let my parents put training wheels on it. I must have crashed 500 times before I finally figured it out and well you know how the saying goes, “Once you learn how to ride a bike you never forget.”

      There is much wisdom though in asking for help and much to be learned from doing so. Just remember that when we do so we are just asking for the other party to be a lighthouse for us and to provide some guidance.

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