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The Secret by Rhonda Byrne played an integral role in my early stages of waking up and was the first time that I was introduced to the Law of Attraction.  Today I would like to share with you my review of this information and just how it can be a benefit for you in your life.


How The Secret Came into My Life

Just over a decade ago I started working on a book about how to change the world and make it a better place.  This was the first real step in my journey of awakening, but a close second was when I was introduced to The Secret and that would have a profound effect on me for the rest of my life.

I had recently lost my long term job in the wireless industry and had taken a sales job for a health insurance company.  I didn’t think I would stay there long and continued my search for a better opportunity in the job market.  However, in my brief time there is when the boss’s son gave me his copy of The Secret to watch.

As I watched the movie that night it was like my eyes were being opened for the very first time.  Here was exactly what I needed to see at this point in my life as it helped me to begin on my journey of enlightenment.  I was super excited with all of the things that I learned from watching this, but when I look back now I realize that I was not excited enough!

The Early Days of Using the Law of Attraction

My own thoughts and doubts sabotaged my efforts to use the Law of Attraction

I was so excited about learning the Law of Attraction that I thought I could turn my whole life around in an instant.  What happened though was that my own self-doubts and thoughts betrayed me into really using and benefitting from it.  You see I held onto the doubts too strongly and ended up only attracting more of that into my life.

This was also a time for me when my family was struggling financially and I am sad to say, but at the time I hated money and what it stood for.  It would take many years for me to learn that I was stunting my own progress towards financial freedom because of this view.  I was attracting the wrong kind of vibes when it came to money.

Basically I loved the principals that were taught to me through watching the movie, but I failed to apply them properly in life.  Matter of fact I actually probably hurt myself more than I helped myself for quite a few years.  It wasn’t I learned more through other research that I started to piece things together in a more beneficial way.

Getting Things Turned Around in a Positive Way

This Movie helped me to better understand the concepts behind The Secret.

As the years went by I would continue my journey of research and for a little bit the things that I learned from this movie faded into the background.  Deep down I wanted to believe in it but was having trouble doing so because of my self-sabotage.

The one movie that helped me to start the turnaround process was What the Bleep Do We Know.  Here I learned about how we really are in control of the world ahead of us and I began to tie it back to the things that I learned from The Secret.  It would still take me a few more years to really start to bring it all together, but the seeds were planted and I was taking good care of them with lots more knowledge and research.

When I started this site is when things really started to click for me in the most optimum way.  I realized not only how I had been sabotaging myself, but also how to better practice the concepts in a way that were more beneficial to me.

When I wrote the post, “How to be Appreciative by Being Open Minded” is when I had my aha moment with the Law of Attraction and how to benefit from it in a positive way.  I stopped holding onto my doubts and other negative thoughts and began to appreciate more things about my life.

Article:  How to be Appreciative by Being Open Minded.

As I worked on my appreciations it was like the proverbial snowball rolling down the hill on a Saturday morning cartoon.  With each passing day I had more and more things to be appreciative about and the snowball would continue to grow for me.  I was finally learning how to really use the Law of Attraction.

I continued to write articles for my site here I began to tie things together more and more, changing my life in a tremendously positive way.  I took on a new mantra of aiming to be productive every day and to appreciate even the smallest of things that life was giving me.

Today, I am totally grateful for everything going on in my life and have even learned how to appreciate the negative aspects of it without letting them drag me down.  I realized that when I would hold onto the negative I would only attract more of it into my life.  When I appreciated it for what it was and let it go, I was able to move on in a positive way.

Pros & Cons

Just like the Red Carpet events in Hollywood, it is a bit Glamourized.

The biggest pro about The Secret and the Law of Attraction is that it really does work.  The biggest con is also that it really does work and you need to be mindful of how you are using it, as you saw above I sabotaged myself with it!

The other Con that I had with the video is that is seemed to come off as a bit “flashy.”  What I mean by that is that the process seemed to be glamourized to the extent that it was so easy and all of your dreams were right around the corner for you to go grab.

Using The Secret, just like any other new skill, takes time and effort to practice it.  Not only do you have to work at it and practice it, but at the same time you need to be mindful that you are helping yourself and not holding yourself back.

My Recommendation

I highly recommend The Secret and the Law of Attraction as core material for anyone looking to open their minds.

I would highly recommend getting The Secret and adding it your collection of books or DVDs.  The concept of the Law of Attraction is one that we can all benefit from learning how to use, as regardless of our knowledge it is a daily part of all of our lives.  All the more reason to learn how to use it appropriately.

Another added benefit is that you can purchase the content in book or DVD Format.  If you would like to get either one for your collection and at the same time help support this site you can click on either Link here to begin the process:  Book Format:  The Secret or DVD Format:  The Secret.  Your support can help make the world a better place for us all, one person at a time!

Lastly, I would also like to remind you that you really need to pay attention to how the Law of Attraction works and be careful not to sabotage yourself like I was.  In light of that I have looked around for some good material that can help you to better understand the principals behind it.  Manifestation Miracle provides a good assortment of information to help you to cope with and understand how to apply The Secret in your life.  Another program at offers a program that is catered to helping your kids learn about the Law of Attraction.

Share Your Thoughts

Before you go I would ask that you share with us what your thoughts are about The Secret if you have already seen it, or please stop back by after you have and let us know what you think.  If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comment section as well and I will do my best to answer them for you!

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10 Replies to “Review: The Secret by Rhonda Byrne – The Law of Attraction”

  1. Great article!

    I love this movie. It is such a great eye opener to how powerful your mind really is.

    Definitely will be one of my top 10 favorites.

    Thanks again for the very inspiring post!

    • Derek, it is a great movie to love as it definitely does open the eyes to just how powerful our minds are. You’re welcome and thank you for your kind words, I really appreciate it.

  2. We all have had similar experiences with the law of attraction, we believed in it and then we doubted it.

    Just like you the movie “the secret” was brought to my attention by a friend during a tough phase of my life, I loved the movie and it inspired me. But soon I lost my belief in it as I was not seeing any good result, after about a year I became witness to a series of events that were as if a message from the universe that it might be the right time to delve into LOA materials and find out the mistakes I made earlier. From there I have never stopped learning about the universal laws.

    When I watched the movie what the movie “what the bleep do we know” everything that I learned made more sense to me and it was really a very interesting movie, I now have something to show to people who demand more information to strengthen their belief in LOA. I think these movies must be watched one after another.
    Another great post friend 🙂

    • Hari, I can certainly understand your story as it mimics much of my own. You are also very right in that What the Bleep Do We Know goes hand in hand with The Secret. It should be required material that if you watch one, you watch the other.

  3. Sometimes when life gets me down, I will think of all the things that I’m grateful for and that makes me feel better.

    This is the first time I’ve heard of ‘The Secret’ and also ‘What The Bleep Do We Know’. Thanks for sharing this article. I will have to check out these books and movie.

    • Yvonne, being grateful for things in your life plays a huge role in this equation. Not sure if you saw the link for my other post about just that! When it comes to the Law of Attraction, being grateful for what you already have allows for more room to get more to be grateful for. It’s hard to get more of anything if you don’t appreciate what you have.

  4. I was also very touched by the movie “The Secret”. I started reading more about the Law of Attraction and tied to apply it in my life. It did not always work, and I still had my doubts about the whole idea.

    What really changed my life was when I combined the Law of Attraction and The Secret with meditation. Then the Secret really started working kind of naturally.

    • Sandy, The problem with The Secret is that whether we realize it or not, it is always working. Often our own doubts take control though and make it seem as if it isn’t, but it is a double edged sword per say.

      Yes! Meditation is a great tool to help center yourself and that will allow you to use the Law of Attraction in a more positive way. Thanks for sharing that tip, much appreciated!

  5. I love this movie, the secret. I got it when it first came out just like you did. I watched it multiple times… “checks in the mail” lol I loved it.

    I haven’t watched it for a while but you inspired me to dust it off and bring it back out. Might even watch it this weekend.

    We are in much more control then what we might think!!!

    Great read, thank you,


    • Vicky, Thanks for sharing your support of the movie. It is definitely one of those that helps to watch every now and again. Always good to get a refresher on content such as this. We are definitely a lot more in control than what people generally think we are.

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