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I don’t think I have ever met anyone that when asked if they were interested in learning how to live a better life that said no.  So why aren’t we all living happy lives?  Well a lot of that depends on our individual positive and negative thinking.  Let’s take a deeper look into the subject and see if I can help you to start taking a better approach to life.

Those Thoughts Inside Your Head

We can’t control every thought that pops up, but we can determine how we act upon them.

First let’s take a look at all of those thoughts rolling around in your head.  All kinds of things pop up in our minds every day, some expected and some just out of the blue.  The most important concept here thought is how we act upon all of these thoughts.

I think it is important to note here that you should never feel guilty for the thoughts that pop up in your head.  While we can be mindful of what’s going on in our head we can’t control every little thought that comes in.  It is truly how we react to those thoughts and the actions that we carry forth that will determine our future karma. So remember, don’t feel bad about negative thoughts that come in, just make a conscious effort to transmute it into something positive.

The battles that can ensue inside our heads reminds me a lot of when I was a kid watching Saturday morning cartoons.  Inevitably at some point one of the characters would have the little angel and devil pop up on their shoulders and argue either side of the coin trying to persuade them to take a particular action, either positive or negative.

Define Your Desired Path

Define the path you want to walk in life.

An important step in creating a happier life for yourself starts with defining the path that you want to walk in life.  What are your core values and what is most important to you?  All to often many of us will drift through life without even knowing what these items are and that can cause problems!

So why don’t you take a minute right now and consider what is important to you.  Don’t worry, I can wait…

Did you make a short list?  Well if you need some help, here is mine:

  • Family – My wife and kids are my world and my legacy.
  • Helping Others – Being able to help others always gives me that warm fuzzy feeling.
  • Doing What is Right – I like doing the right things as it is the right thing to do! You know it’s the whole Golden Rule thing.
  • Be Productive – This is new to the list this year, but I have found that I am much happier when I am productive.
Just like sailors using the stars to navigate the seas…

While this is not my all encompassing list, it does hit the high points.  These 4 items influence my everyday behaviors, taking my thoughts and turning them into intentions and then creating my reality around them.  Just like back in the day how sailors used stars to navigate the seas, I use these to navigate my life.  Without these “stars” we would just be adrift out on the ocean of life.

Move in a Positive Direction – A Conscious Decision

Now that you have your list of what is important to you, let’s explore how to use it to help you move in a positive direction.  The biggest way to do this is by making a conscious effort when it comes to your decisions.  Don’t jump right to action, but first consider what action would best align with your list.

I made a conscious decision to help my family and to be productive.

What is a conscious decision?  Well that my friend is when you take a moment to quiet the voices in your head and think about the choice you are about to make.  For example:



“Just the other day I got home from work and just wasn’t sure what to do.  The little kids were busy playing with their friends and the wife was at work.  All kinds of things popped into my head of what I could do.  However it was at this point that I took a moment to make a conscious decision, rather than to just flow along and let happen whatever happened.

I reflected on the things that were important to me and then made a decision to do the dishes.  Why that?  Well because it hit all four items on my short list.  It helped my wife by making her chore load lighter, so it encompassed Family & Helping Others.  I also knew that she had not been feeling well as of late so it was also just the Right thing to do.  Lastly, it was something productive that I could do that I knew would help me to feel better afterwards.”

Conscious decisions will take work on your part, just like starting anything new you have to work at it to create a habit.  One of the early stages of learning how always be making these choices is to learn how to be mindful of your thoughts.  By keeping yourself in the now, not dreading the past nor worrying about the future, it will be a major step in the right direction.

Getting Yourself Aligned Properly

Article:  How Can Simple Things You Say Affect Your Life?

Now that we have your thoughts going in the right direction it is also just as important to think about the actual words that you use.  You can find more perspective on How Can Simple Things You Say Affect Your Life in this article I wrote the other week.

That particular article will help you to understand how it is not only our thoughts, but also our words that help to create our reality around us.  If you found this article, I would highly recommend that you take an extra moment or two to read that one as well.

Lastly today, I would also like to reiterate that if you want to make the world a better place that it all starts with you.  You need to be the change that you want to see in the world.  If you want to live a happy life, you need to start making conscious decisions that are aligned with what is important to you.

Article: Be The Change You Want To See In The World
Article: Be The Change You Want To See In The World

The more aligned you are with your list, the better example you will be for the world.  With each and everyone of us that leads by a positive example, the better influence we will all have.  The tide is growing and more and more people are waking up and taking control of their lives every day.  Are you ready to join us?

Please Share with Us

I would ask that you please leave a comment below to share your thoughts and or experiences related to this article.  With each person that chimes in we add yet another perspective that can help provide the clarity that someone else may desperately need.  So please, tell us how you have learned how to make conscious decisions to improve your life and make it more positive.

If you are in need of help to better learn how to control those thoughts in your mind, perhaps you would be interested in this 12 Week Transformation Meditation Course by Selfhelptree.com

Thank you for stopping by today.  I hope that I was able to help provide you with a positive perspective to help you make an improvement on your life.

James W D

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12 Replies to “Positive and Negative Thinking – How to Live a Better Life”

  1. Hey James

    I really enjoy your site. I believe that what we think about become our actions. I am a prime example. I always wanted to work for myself and stay at the beach. Being retrenched last year, I though all my dreams were shattered. However I had my dream board next to my desk and started working on my own business. And the best off all is that I am moving in 2 months time to Cape Town in South Africa. It has the most beautiful beaches.

    Send your happy thoughts to the universe and she will provide.


    • Michelle, Thank you for the compliment I am glad that you enjoyed your visit here.

      That is awesome to hear that you were able to stay focused on what you really wanted and are now making it happen. Having your goals or dreams visible to you like that is certainly a great way to help yourself along. We need to learn to keep these items as our focus and we will find it much easier then to make them happen.

  2. Finally I found a website with all the information that I was looking for.
    You have some great information here! I am just learning about positives and negative thinkings, so I learned a lot.
    You saved my day.

    • I am glad that I was able to provide you with the answers that you are seeking. I hope that I can continue to be of benefit to you! You are welcome and thank you for stopping by!

  3. Hi James,

    This is a very nice post. Being mindful of our thoughts (and actions) is a great way for all of us to make a better life experience for ourselves first, and then others. If the individual makes a conscious decision to be happy, then more than likely, those around that person may experience a little happiness as well. I guess it’s a form of paying-it-forward.

    Thanks for the post.

    • Billy, you are very right and it seems the intent of this post was clear to you. To make the world a better place we do need to start with ourselves. As we raise our happiness level it will have a positive effect on those around us and help them to raise their happiness levels. It is definitely a form of paying it forward!

  4. Hi Friend! I found myself really connecting with your words, here. I especially like how in the example you gave, that we should be mindful in even the simplest of decisions…like, washing the dishes over plopping on the sofa in front of the TV. Nice! I have to admit that I haven’t always been very good at making conscious decisions, but I’ve gotten much better over the last few years. I can honestly say that I am so much happier and feel more fulfilled than I ever have! Thanks for, yet another, lovely article!

    • Barb, glad to see that you stopped by again and once again found connection with the words that I have posted. I have found that it is those simplest of decisions that often have the biggest impact on our lives. In the example that I mentioned here, imagine how my wife felt coming home to a clean sink that night with all of the dishes already done?

      I believe that as we take control of our lives with conscious decisions, we will feel happier and more fulfilled. Why? because we like to be in control and when you are in control of yourself it is an exciting feeling.

      Thanks for stopping by again, I certainly appreciate it.

  5. I loved this post and I appreciated how you gave real life examples as to what making a conscious decision looked like and how you incorporated that into your life. I also popped over to the link with the “How Can Simple Things You Say Affect Your Life” and that really resonated. A great reminder to not just praise the end result but also the work that is happening to get people there. It is about acknowledging the journey and the effort that is happening in the now. Thank you for this reminder! So apropos at the moment 🙂

    • I am happy to hear that my articles resonated within you. It is that frequency that will allow us to all come together and create a better world for ourselves and our children for generations to come. I appreciate that you checked out the other article as well and thank you for that. So apropos at the moment? Check out my other article Everything Happens for a Reason

  6. Hello James, you right on point with your write up on positive and negative, and how they affect our lives. We can choose and consciously be happy if we so desire. You are right, what is inside our head is what actually determines if are going to happy or not, and we can choose to ”tame” our minds in order to be happy, other wise, we will always be controlled by situations/circumstances.

    Thanks man for reminding us that we have the power and the right to be happy.

    • That is correct – we have the power and the right to be happy, we just have to focus on doing it. It does take an effort to train yourself to make the decisions that are aligned with your desires, but the more you do it the easier it gets.

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