Past Life Regression



Have you ever felt like you have lived here on Earth before this life?  Have you ever been somewhere new, but somehow knew your way around?  Have you ever met someone that you never seen before, but it immediately felt like you were with an old friend or romantic partner?  Are you just curious to see if this is real or not?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, then I am glad that you stopped here.

Is this not your first trip through time here on Earth?

My Backstory First

Before I get more into the details I would like to share with you the how’s and why’s of how this became important in my life.  I did not hear about Past Life Regression until I was in my 20s, but I had already been thinking of the concept since my teen years.

It all started when I was getting into paranormal research as a young teen.  I would watch UFO documentaries and all kinds of other closely related shows.  Keep in mind that the internet was not available yet at this point in my life.

Watching that man recall information from a past life in the American Civil War started me on this journey.

One day I watched an afternoon talk show and they had a guest on that was remembering information from what appeared to be a past life.  He was giving details about living and fighting in the civil war and was able to give enough information that they were able to verify it through in depth research.  This led me to an idea…

I started thinking about hypnotism at this point and started developing a method to use it to help people reach back into past lives and remember them.  I had a good notebook full of notes, but no real avenue to learn how to actually do it.  At this point is when it eventually fell to the side and was forgotten.

Imagine my surprise though about a decade later when I see that Past Life Regression Hypnotism was a real thing and was starting to grow in popularity.  I was amazed and eager to try it, but at last, there was no one in my area that practiced it.

Once again, things fell to the back burner on this subject as did much of my research as life was changing for me in many ways and my attention was drawn elsewhere for years to come.  It wasn’t until about 2006 when I decided to start writing a book that I slowly began to get back into this circle.  A lot has changed over the last 10 years, but as you can see now I have fully embraced this area of my life and am pursuing it to new heights.

Let the Research Begin

This book rekindled my interest in Reincarnation and past lives.

First I must admit to you that researching anything in my life in detail has never been a strong skill for me.  Typically I rely on my gut instincts after a little bit of research and that has always treated me well.  However when it came to this subject I knew that I would have to roll up my sleeves and get to work.

I have read a few books over the years that slowly but surely nudged me in the direction of Reincarnation and Past Lives.  The first book I read that really started this journey for me was Sylvia Browne’s, Life on the Other Side.  Reading this planted many, many seeds in my brain that over the years have grown and blossomed into the spiritual path that I am walking now.

With the creation of this site I have been moving ever closer to Past Life Regression Hypnotism and have decided that I will seek out the training I need to become certified in the technique.  At the present moment (September 2016) I am reading the prerequisite books for the Brian Weiss course.  I have signed up for the notification list for next years courses so that I can attend.  I have also signed up for the online courses that he provides as well and just started that this month.

I am hoping that by this time in 2017 that I will be able to provide this service to those that are in need or for those that are just more curious about it.  As my journey to that point continues I will be updating this page to reflect my progress.

Stay tuned for updates!


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