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A few years ago I was fortunate enough to stumble across and watch the movie, “What the Bleep Do We Know” by Marlee Matlin.  This movie would play a pivotal role in helping me to tie together my spiritual and scientific views into the belief system that I have today.  Without any further ado, let’s see what this movie and now available in book format have to offer.

A Welcomed Synchronicity

Just the other day I saw a Facebook post from Dr. Brian Weiss stating that coincidences, synchronicities, and Deja Vu in our lives is a moment of when our spiritual plan for ourselves here on Earth and our actual life here have come together in a moment of unity.  While that post was profound in just itself, a few years ago it is precisely what happened to me when I came across this movie.

Dr. Brian Weiss-Facebook-post

I had been reading books from Sylvia Browne, such as Life on the Other Side, to explore spirituality and also books like The Elegant Universe by Brian Greene for a more scientific view.  Believing things on faith alone had never sat well with me and I did my best to combine both worlds of spirituality and science.  I quite remember a few times wanting to get both authors in the same room for some conversation.

It was during this time that I ended up having some free time one day and while channel surfing I came across What the Bleep Do We Know.  I was amazed that day as here was all of the information that I had been trying to tie together, already done up in a great package.  To this day I am very thankful for this synchronicity.

An Overview of What the Bleep Do We Know

Various experts help to explain the many topics discussed throughout the movie.

This movie plays more like a documentary with a mini movie inside of it.  What I mean by this is that it starts off with various experts from their fields giving testimony and as it goes along they start to relate things that they are talking about in a storyline mode.

The Story mode follows along the Journey of Amanda, who is experiencing what the documentary side of the movie is talking about.  These examples help to explain the all of the various things that they discuss throughout the film.  I thought that this definitely helped to tie everything together in a very simple manner for such a profoundly deep subject.

They also include a short animation in which they break down and show how the famous “Double Slit Experiment” works.  This experiment helps to explain how quantum mechanics works as science gets a bit strange on microscopic levels.  The key component on the experiment though and how it ties in is what happens when they put an observation device into the equation.

They continue on throughout the film with many different aspects and one by one they explain them with great detail and example and then tie it in with everything else that they have presented so far.  Many of the experiments that they review throughout the movie have been ones that I have read about or seen before and it was nice to see them all tied together.

Who is This Movie Good for?

Having an open mind with this movie will help tremendously.

I would highly recommend this movie to anyone that first off has an open mind.  It needs to be viewed from a neutral standpoint so that you can take it all in and make a judgement on the whole piece of work at the end.  If you start jumping to conclusions before the end, you are only short changing yourself.

However, with an open mind, this movie is great for anyone that is looking to expand their consciousness and elevate themselves to new heights of living life.  Many of the concepts in here have helped me to grow immensely over the last few years.  As I stated earlier, for me it was the bridge that brought together my scientific knowledge and my spiritual beliefs.

In reality, I believe that this is a great movie for just about anyone as it helps to open new doors of thought in spirituality, but based off of a scientific foundation.  The way that they combine the two different sides together is well… just brilliant in my opinion.

My Recommendation

I Highly Recommend watching What the Bleep Do We Know!

I think you can tell by now that I highly recommend this movie.  Anyone that is even remotely curious about spirituality or leading scientific discoveries, will find a ton of valuable information contained within the content of this film.

Add in the fact that everything is presented in a way that is not difficult to understand.  For each topic that they delve into they provide examples of experiments and then also tie it all together with Amanda’s storyline.  Just a brilliant way of getting the info across in a way that many of us will be able to follow and understand.

If you are interested in adding this movie to your library, you can order What the Bleep Do We Know here and help support this site and our efforts to make the world a better place.

Share Your Thoughts

I would like to ask that if you have seen the movie or after watching it now that your aware of it, that you share your thoughts with us about the movie.  A good discussion always helps us evolve our perceptions and grow in a positive way, so please tell us what you think.

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10 Replies to “Movie Review: What the Bleep Do We Know by Marlee Matlin”

  1. James, I watched the movie last night based on your recommendation! I don’t even know where to start…I am still processing the information from the movie.

    First I want to say…Thank you so much for introducing me to this movie, James. It literally changed my behavior and I even started to get kind of scared to have a bad attitude. For example, I encountered something this morning that I usually get quickly angry about. As soon as that frustration and anger started to come out, I immediately thought about the neuron interaction scene from the movie. I told myself..”Young…remember the movie? This is the chance that you can deactivate those negative interactions and build a long term relationship with positive interactions”. That thought changed the whole game this morning!

    There were so many things in the movie that blew me away. I felt like my limited perception could not pick up all the valuable lessons there. So I want to watch it in parts again to digest better. Even the small information I received from the movie already influence my life. I am very careful about what I think every moment. I really wish more people aware of this. It will change this world!

    By the way, the scene that talks about the water experiment gave me goose bumps!

    • Young I am so happy to hear that not only did you like the movie, but that it has already made a positive impact on your life. So much of what is discussed in this movie is so profound and beneficial for our lives. It gives you so much to think about and really helps you to see the bigger picture of life.

      I would definitely recommend giving it another watch here in a little bit after you have digested your first time. With all of the great perspectives that they touch on a second or even third watching will still be very beneficial.

  2. Sounds great! I especially love that you say the movie makes such complicated topic easy to understand. I’ve tried reading about quantum physics more than a few times and I just get lost. Looking forward to checking this one out!!

    • Barb, yes they do an excellent job of explaining stuff that can be very difficult to understand. First, the speakers do a great job of talking it out without overcomplicating it. Secondly, the way they tie what their talking about in with the various experiments also provides a great visual to help understand. Lastly, they tie it all together with the storyline that follows Amanda and her discoveries of the world around her.

      For anyone looking to expand on their spirituality this is a must watch movie, hands down.

  3. Great review! I never watch this movie. In fact I’m not really into a documentary movie. But love a science fiction movie. The way you explained it make me concluded this was an awesome science movie! ‘What Bleep Do We Know’. Gotta put this in my watch list. Thanks pal!

    • While it may not be a science fiction, some of the stuff that they explain certainly sounds like it. We tend to look at the world around us just using our normal senses and make sense of it that way. However when you delve into the world of quantum mechanics, things definitely get weird and will make you think. After you watch it I hope you come back and let us know what you think!

  4. Great post, James!
    I first watched this movie a few years ago and it’s still one the few dvd’s that I pop in every once in a while. Really helps one to see the bigger picture and start asking the “big questions.”

    • Andrea, You are right in that this is one of those movies that can be watched every now and again and still have profound effects. One time one thing may pop out at you and another time something different could give you that “aha” moment!

  5. I saw this move a while back and it was quite the eyeopening and brain teaser of sorts. I would also recommend “What the bleep do we know” to anyone who love to think and have their brain challenged!

    • It is definitely a thinker’s movie isn’t it. The part that made me think the most is when they were talking about the water experiments and then they drop in the line about how much water is in each one of us!

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