Love is the Answer; Forgiveness is the Key



Many times we have heard the saying that Love is the answer, but less often do we hear about how to unlock it.  Forgiveness is the key that can help us allow Love to permeate throughout our lives and allow us to live better ones.  Today I will share with you some perspective that will hopefully help make your part of the world a bit better.

Love is the Answer, Forgiveness is the Key


This acronym came onto the scene quite a few years back, but at the time it was a rather big movement and they even had the little wrist bands to go along with it.  What does it mean?  Well, the answer to that is What Would Jesus Do.  While at the time I was not a very religious person I did really appreciate the meaning behind the movement.

What Would Jesus Do?

Part of the reason I fell away from the church was that all too often people within the church would forget about what Jesus really preached about and that is Love and Forgiveness.  Growing up in the Catholic church I heard sermon after sermon about these traits, yet it always seemed like people did not want to live their lives by it.  When it became a movement I was at least a little excited, unfortunately it was just a fad that didn’t stay long.

However, with all of that being said, I think that it is a movement that should be rekindled no matter what faith you live by.  From my research into the major religions of today, it seems that they are all based on a form of Love and Forgiveness.  Unfortunately, it seems that just like the WWJD movement, those concepts have faded out over time.

I know personally as I pondered over the acronym and the meaning behind it that I have made changes in how I live my life.  You see I began to realize that love was the answer and by forgiving myself and others I could unlock a better life not just for myself, but all of those around me.

Why is Forgiveness the Key?

Forgiveness is the Key

The key to Love in many of its various forms is forgiveness.  This is because the term and practice of it is what puts us all on an equal level as each other.  Each one of us is human, we all have parents, we all eat, sleep and breathe, and we all make mistakes along the way.  Life on Earth is not perfect for any of us, but that is okay.

You see one of the best ways to learn something is by making a mistake.  You quickly learn the impact of what making a mistake can be and how it negatively effects those around you.  With the overwhelming majority of us being good and kind hearted people, we don’t want to repeat our mistakes and cause those negative effects again.

This is where a very important and yet often very subtle choice comes into play.  With forgiveness being the positive path to take, there is also another path that can be taken and even though it is on the negative side it is sadly often the chosen one.  That path is pointing out the flaws in others or otherwise playing it off as you were the victim of something.  With the negative path you are avoiding something very important – accountability.

A primary step in learning how to forgive is starting with yourself and the best way to start doing that is by being accountable for your actions.  When you own what you do in life, the good, bad and ugly, you are then able to forgive yourself much easier than if you are the “victim.”  With this step done, learning how to forgive others becomes all the easier.

Article: What is the Most Important Thing In Life? Accountability
Article: What is the Most Important Thing in Life? Accountability

When it comes to forgiving others there are several things to keep in mind.  The most important is that other people are just that… a person just like yourself.  Though we are all different from each other in our own unique ways, we still have our common denominators.  When you see others as another person just like yourself, you will find that forgiveness is much easier to bestow upon them.

All of this reminds me of a little story that I would like to share with you:

It was several years ago when Iran was on the forefront of the news with their nuclear program.  One of their scientists was assassinated and an article about it was going around on Facebook.  I shared the article and offered up my prayers to the man’s remaining family and friends.

One of my friends from High School took offense to my post stating that he got what he had deserved and hoped that many more of their scientists would befall the same fate.  I personally was shocked by this, for me deep down life is sacred no matter who it is and the loss of it in a tragic way like this is very saddening.

I responded back kindly my point of view that this man was just that, a man.  That he more and likely had a family that he left behind not to mention friends as well.  Unfortunately, my friend and I had to agree to disagree on this subject, but I did not get mad at him.  Instead I showed him the same love and forgiveness that I extended to the slain scientist and his family.

The Ten Commandments are a pillar of the Christian Faith.

The reason I shared this story is because it really hits the problem with our current society right on the head.  Here was a good Christian man cheering on people that are breaking one of the Ten Commandments.  There was no Love, no forgiveness, no nothing…  To me it was the reasons that I had left the Church all over again, hypocrisy at its finest.

What would have Jesus done in this situation I wondered at the time, and that is why I posted what I did.  I had to keep that motto in mind throughout the comments exchanged between my friend and I, but in the end I forgave him for his actions.

How Love is the Answer

Love is like the Ace of Spades… It trumps everything.

This brings us back now to how Love is the answer.  You see what this is all boiling down to is that Love is a lot like the Ace of Spades in the game of Spades…  It trumps everything.  Love is the guiding light of the Universe and as we align ourselves to it and understand it, we begin to see life with a lot more clarity.

Just like Jesus and many of the other religion’s great prophets, they all preached that Love should be the focal points of our lives.  These teachings have been engrained in us through various religions and our history in general.  Even though in today’s world it can feel very dark, we are experiencing one of the most Loving times in our modernly recorded history (don’t let the “media” fool you into thinking otherwise).

We are social beings and one of the reasons for that is that we are always on the search for Love in our lives.  We learn about Love right from birth from our parents and family.  As we grow older we develop friendships and experience Love there as well.  When we get older we start to seek out a partner so that we can start our own family.  Love is the driving force behind our cycle of life.

With Love so intertwined throughout the entirety of our lives it becomes easy to see how Love is the answer to so many of our problems.  It is the right attitude to carry in life as it will remedy many problems before they would even start and keeps you in a positive flow.

Love keeps you in a positive flow.

Love is also a key component in living your life by the Golden Rule.  When you treat others with the same Love that you would expect them to treat you with, you are making the world a better place.  You are helping others to see the answer, just make sure that you also keep the key handy as forgiveness needs to be right there along with it all.

Share Your Thoughts

I would like to ask you to please share your thoughts and perspectives with us today on this concept.  We each bring our own unique piece of the puzzle to the table and the more we add to the picture the better we can all see it.  If you enjoyed the article, please make sure to share it socially so your family and friends can enjoy it as well (buttons are right up top).

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Thank you for stopping by today, I hope that I was able to give you something positive to ponder about!

James W D

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8 Replies to “Love is the Answer; Forgiveness is the Key”

  1. You are right that forgiveness starts with ourselves first. Many people forgot that. I must say I am one who always forgave myself last or sometimes I forgot to forgive myself. It’s a very unhealthy situation. It’s like feeling stuck, or carrying a boulder in our arm. Holding grudges against other or carrying our own regrets is like holding on to poison. It’s always wise to let go.

    • Kenny it is very true that many people either don’t want to forgive themselves or don’t understand why it is so important. This is why I have been driven to creating this site to help spread the word out there to those that are seeking answers. I am glad that my post resonated with you and I appreciate you sharing a bit of your personal story.

  2. I think love your family, your house, your relatives and forgive them if anything arises. It’s easy. One blood. With people you don’t know well one should be careful. What if in real life strangers or co-workers don’t understand your forgiveness? Continuously. What if they interpret it as a weakness? There you should be accountable your actions too. Don’t be a victim.

    • Paul, I certainly understand your perspective here as it is a fine line that needs to be walked. That being said though, if you are not forgiving others it is much akin to holding onto a hot coal… you get burned, not them.

      It is important that those that commit transgressions be held accountable for those actions in order to prevent them from exploiting you and your forgiveness. However, this is why it is so important to forgive. If you don’t it only reinforces whatever they did to you. When you genuinely forgive them, it gives them pause to think about what they are doing. Sometimes this is enough to break the cycle for them and other times they need to see it more, but regardless you are either a part of the cycle or you can break it with forgiving them.

  3. I’m not a religious person but I do like to think that I follow certain codes that religion is based on. As for forgiveness, I think those that have unconditional love for someone, actually do forgive everything that may be done by the loved person.
    A good example is when a child takes the wrong path and commits some unacceptable crime like homicide. Often the parents and perhaps particularly the mother, will still love that child no matter if they have done a most despicable deed. This is ultimate forgiveness in my mind and consequently the highest form of love.
    To be quite honest with you, if my child did such a deed, I would not protect him but no matter what, I would not stop loving him. Very thought provoking post. Ches

    • I do not consider myself a religious person either. At this point in my life I have seen too much corruption in religions and decided to walk my own path. I do consider myself a spiritual person and have my own beliefs, but they are also flexible and grow over time.

      Forgiving for the most despicable deeds is certainly the hardest forgiveness that we can face. These deeds are often a mistake or done by someone that is not mentally well. In either case though, forgiveness is the key that unlocks the situation allowing Love to flow in and the two break the cycle of violence.

      In the end, crimes still need to be atoned for, but instead of punish punish punish… we need to find a way to help the soul that fell into this situation. Out of everyone in the world, it is these souls that need our Love and forgiveness the most.

  4. Yes indeed. I couldn’t agree with you more. Love is THE most important ‘force’ in the universe, and if we could all just give a little more of that to everyone around us, the world would be a much better place.
    Your article reminded me of a quote by the famous Louis Buschcaglia who said: “If you cannot love someone, would you please at least not hurt them?”
    Great article. Thank you very much!

    • Thanks Michael I appreciate your support and you are so right. If we all just gave a little bit more Love to life, the world would be transformed into a much better place.

      A most excellent quote, and certainly lends itself to the Golden Rule as well. Thank you for sharing that.

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