Life Can Be Amazing… If You Let it Be!



I have made a lot of changes in my life and my way of thinking over the last few years and even more recently things have started to come into focus for me.  As that happened I came to the realization that Life can be amazing… if you let it be.  What do I mean by that?  Have a seat, relax and get ready to find out.

Life can be Amazing… if you let it be!

Overcoming Your “Programming”

If you add up the entirety of our life experience you will come up with what your “programming” is.  From the moment you incarnated here on earth as a baby, through your childhood and into adult hood you defined the parameters that you live your life by today.  Many of us though, have come to suffer from one big, yet not so obvious, problem…  crossed wires!

What do I mean by crossed wires?  Well let’s use a good example that I picked up from reading Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, in which the author uses wealth accumulation to describe it.  He states that most of us would like to be rich, not many if any of us would turn down a large sum of money, right?  However, even with that basic desire of having an excess of money, many of us also have the mindset that money isn’t important or that it is the root of all evil.

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When it comes to creating our lives, we need to learn to give the universe a clear message.  We can’t in one breath desire lots of wealth, but in the next say that it is not important.  We are sending a mixed message to the universe and the Law of Attraction then becomes muddled and often the opposite desires just cancel each other out, leaving us right where we were to begin with.

Therefore, it is important to really dig down inside of yourself to truly understand what you want.  Then make sure you are sending a clear message and not crossing your wires.  To do this you need to learn how to focus on your core values.  This is why I starting using the process I describe here in Creating the Life You Want to Live.

Aligning Yourself to Move Forward

By identifying your core values and tracking your progress as you work towards them, you will find that life can come into focus much easier than before.  When you start to really understand this process, you will also find out how easy it is to create the life you want and without the crossed wires you will see results.

Article: What is the Most Important Thing In Life? Accountability
Article: What is the Most Important Thing in Life? Accountability

Another important step that this process brings forward is accountability and that is hugely important to progress in life.  If you are not accountable for your actions, then chances are that you are playing the blame or complain game.  Both of those will only attract more things in your life to blame or complain about, so why not replace that with accountability and thankfulness?

Let’s go back to what I mentioned earlier when I talked about the crossed wires and wanting money but despising it at the same time.  This holds true for basically anything in life not just money.  If you desire meeting the love of your life, but harbor negative feelings against those that already have it, then you will not get to where you want to be.  Another example to that would be the desire to meet someone, but the thought process that all the good ones are taken.

Article: How to be Successful in Life
Article: How to be Successful in Life

This is why aligning yourself with the path that you want to take is paramount in getting and staying ahead in the game.  To those that are where you want to be, look up to and admire them.  Be thankful that they succeeded and if you can, compliment them on a job well done.  Have you ever heard the phrase, “If you want to be successful, then surround yourself with successful people,” because that is exactly what I am saying here.

Think of those that are where you want to be as trailblazers.  If they can do it, well then my friend, so can you.  So, next time you come across the person ahead of you or where you want to be, make sure to congratulate them and be thankful that they have shown you what can be accomplished in this world.

Mindfulness is a Great Tool

Article: Mindfulness - Why it is Important
Article: Mindfulness – Why it is Important

While a lot of these concepts sound so simple you think that we would all have been doing it by now, right?  You might think that, but in reality, you have to be mindful to progress down the road of success.  Mindfulness is a practice that takes time and commitment to build, it just doesn’t happen overnight.

Even for me it is a daily challenge to be mindful, but the challenge is what makes life interesting.  I find myself in a constant battle at times, but what I have found is that over time things get easier to progress through and as that happens I learn and grow.  With each day though brings new challenges, and thus why being mindful of your actions is so vitally important.

Another important item to remember is that we learn a lot in life by modelling those that are important to us.  The clear majority of us have many traits that we picked up from our parents and siblings through modelling, and we don’t often even realize it.  This again is why it is important to be mindful as old habits can be the hardest to change.

Let Life Be Amazing!

Now it is time to apply your focus to positive traits instead of negative ones.

Taking all of this into account, it is time to start letting your life be the amazing one that you want to have.  Apply your focus to being mindful and to positive actions that progress your towards your values that are most important to you.  Wherever you place your focus, the universe will undoubtedly give you more reason to focus there.

So why not start making the change today and create an amazing life ahead of you?  Let’s get the ball rolling with coming up with something that you are truly thankful for and that motivates you the most. Think of what makes you the happiest.  Now, what actions can you do to focus on that?  Act on those actions and at the end of the day record your results, good or bad and you will see a change in your life as that item takes center stage for you.

My last tip here before I go is this.  Life will never be amazing as long as you are complaining about it or things in it.  Remember that wherever you place your focus the universe will give you more of it to focus on.  So, if you are complaining you will only get more to complain about!  (This is something that I have been working on changing in my life, replacing complaining with thankfulness.)

How Amazing is Your Life?

Please share your thoughts and perspective with us.
Please share your thoughts and perspective with us.

I would ask that you please share with us something that is amazing in your life.  Share your positive and uplifting stories with us so that we can all learn and grow together.  Just leave your story in the comment section below and don’t forget to read what others have left as well.

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James W D

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16 Replies to “Life Can Be Amazing… If You Let it Be!”

  1. Awesome article, allowing life to be the way it is was a big realisation for me. The more negatively we think about everything the more lost we become. Mindfulness is awesome tool which I encourage myself and I’m glad you wrote this article my friend. Which of these do you think is the most important?

    • Mindfulness has been an extremely important tool for me as it is your mindfulness that adjusts where your focus is.  Whatever you focus on in life expands and taking control of that to ensure you ae focused on the positive things you want is imperative.

  2. Hello James

    This was an amazing read through.

    I completely agree with the idea that if we think one thing and then contridict it, the universe will be confused with our mixed signals and will give us an abundance of what we’re trying to avoid. So just like you said, you desire to be rich but see money as evil, then you will confuse the creative impulse of the universe and be given more of wanting to be rich but seeing money as evil, so you’ll continue to experience a lack of money thanks to the crooked beliefs.

    Thanks for yet another beautiful and powerful article.

    • Lawrence,

      First glad to see you back again, I certainly appreciate it and you kind words.

      I had struggled with money for a long time and my wires were severely crossed. In some discussions with an online friend they recommended that I check out Secrets of the Millionaire Mind and when I did so my mind was blown. I could easily see how I had been sabotaging myself for decades in a vicious cycle. Now that I have begun to follow the advise from this book and apply it with all of the other things that I have learned and shared with this site, I am making progress forward for the first time in a long time with my finances. I am very thankful that this all came together for me to be able to learn and share the experience.

      Have a great rest of your day and hope to see you back again soon!

  3. Hi James,

    I think the problem that most people have is they are sending mixed signal to the universe. One moment we are visualizing our desire and gratitude but on the other hand, we forgot to allow ourselves to receive.

    I totally agree on the subconscious programming that money is the root evil thing. I had my “aha’ moment after going through Harv Eker’s course on the Spiritual Law Of Money.

    It totally broke the convention on why we have to associate money to happiness or evil. And that gives me a 3rd option of how I think in terms of money.


    • Time and time again I see it with people when they discuss the Law of Attraction and why it does or does not work. It is amazing to hear the stories and to be able to understand why it did or didn’t work for that individual.

      I am looking forward to taking some of Harv’s classes soon. I just finished reading his book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind for the second time. I found it just as captivating as the first time through and even picked up on some things that I had missed.

      What it all comes down to though whether it is money, the LoA, or anything else in life… Get those wires uncrossed and send the universe a clear picture of what you want your focus to be upon.

  4. Very insightful and another great post from you. You are so right about mindfulness and balance. You attract what your energy is sending out, great tips and insights, thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks Helen and great to see you stop by again, I always appreciate that! Finding the right balance can be tricky, but with a little bit of focus and determination it is something that we can all do.

  5. With so many things to keep on top of, your suggestion on the core values is so right but its so hard to juggle so many things in a lifetime. Up until a few years ago it was all about the money but since I have children, i realise how lucky I am to have them in my life so my core values has completely changed. Instead of complaining about their fighting, crying, winging, cleaning – I need to remind myself how thankful I should be to have them in my life. Last week I had a really bad day at work but my eldest daughter wrote me a letter to tell me how much she loved me – a simple short letter just proved to me where my values truly are. Great article – thanks a lot.

    • You are very right in that there are so many things to keep on top of in life and to me that is why it is so important to understand and know what your core values are. This allows us to properly apply our focus to where we want our energy to flow and thus leads us to a successful life.

      I think our kids can tell when we are having a bad day or not centered and need that little dose of love. I too on many occasion have been uplifted by things that my children have done for me or even just who they are becoming.

  6. Hey James,

    Social conditioning is so hard to overcome, some people will never will.
    Those who will succeed are going to feel alienated. At least this is how I am feeling since breaking my shackles. But I believe that this is temporary.

    Mindfulness changes the rules of the game a lot. It helps in taking a deeper, clearer look into reality. Realizations,which are going to set you free and motivate you to move forward, will come during the most unexpected times.

    This path is amazing, full of mystery and adventure !

    Thank you for reminding that to us !


    • Harry you are correct in that social conditioning is a hard one to overcome, but through a mindfulness practice it can be done. The real trick is to have the motivation to actually do so, because it does require work and effort. While you might feel alienated at first, the Law of Attraction will bring new people into your life that are in the same boat as you, so hang in there and keep your eyes open.

      Mindfulness certainly is a key to a new life. The old phrase stop and smell the roses comes to mind, as that is basically what mindfulness is. You need to stop just rolling along without thinking and take a moment to acknowledge life as it is happening right now. When you do that on a consistent basis, you will be amazed!

      You’re welcome Harry, hope to see you back again!

  7. Hey James
    Its so true that without realizing it we become programmed by our life experiences.
    I would like to learn more about the “crossed wires” theory. Sounds interesting.
    Are you saying, choose one? Either money is good or its evil. Don’t be stuck in no mans land.
    Accountability is probably the most important lesson a person can learn but so few do.
    Interesting read, although I think I might go through it again to make sure I got it.

    • Keith, Reading something twice can be a very good thing. For example right now I am over halfway done with reading Secrets of the Millionaire Mind again. The information in the book was so powerful and spiritual that I just needed to make sure that I was getting everything. The funny thing is that while I am not even finished reading it for the second time, I am already eager to read it a third time as well!

      As for your question, yeah you do have to make choices in life. In the example I used you cannot generate wealth and keep it if your mindset is that money is not important or evil. Deep down if that is your belief, you will get rid of money as you associate it with a negative life.

      If you really are intrigued by this article I would highly recommend reading Secrets of the Millionaire Mind.

  8. Hi, thanks for the inspiring article. I like your tone which is set through the blog.
    I think that especially now people must think about their priorities in lives. Most of us do not realize that we do not have plenty time to try different styles of life again and again. We do not listen to our hearts. We listen to the media, TV or other people who do not have anything in common with our goals or dreams.
    Mindfulness in one of the best tools to reach the peace of the mind.
    Unfortunately, human beings do not have time to read the book or spent time alone. They compete with each other or live in the misery because they do not think at all.
    I hope that your website will open doors for visitors to other possibilities and options regarding conscious and fulfilling life.
    All the best, happy writing, Nemira.

    • Nemira, you are very welcome. I too hope as well that the words on my site here are able to help visitors to open their minds to the possibilities in the world around them and how they can make it a better place not just for themselves, but for everyone.

      I have cut TV out of my life and especially any “media” as that is certainly not the “news” anymore. Instead I have applied my focus to making the world a better place by helping people see a better world in front of them.

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