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Are you ready to learn how to trust your intuition?  Well I can show you how over the last few years I was able to improve on that myself using hindsight.  After all, they say that hindsight is 20/20 so don’t you think that would be a good tool to use?

After all, hindsight is 20/20 right?

Intuition Definition

Per the norm, before I get into the meat of the topic here I would like to review what the actual definition of intuition.  I looked it up on Dictionary.com and got the following results:

Intuition _ Define Intuition at Dictionary.com

That definition is good and all, however in my research I also came across the following one which struck me as more on point as to what I would be discussing with you today:

intuition definition - Google Search

While both provide accurate descriptions the second one here taps into a deeper meaning of the word and one that we will explore today.  So get comfy and let’s dig into this…

My Story

A couple of years ago as I started down my path of learning more about life and how it all works, I stumbled upon an idea that I began to practice.  I had used the expression about hindsight with something and that got me to thinking of how I might be able to use it as a tool to progress in awakening my consciousness.

My thought process was to use hindsight to examine times from my recent past where I had “felt” something and may or may not have acted on it.  Basically, I was looking back at times when my intuition or gut feeling was trying to help me and paying close attention to how I felt at the time and what exactly had happened afterwards.

I would practice listening to my intuition with all of the numbers and dates that I am around at work.

In my 9-5 job I work with a lot of numbers and dates and often I had felt like I was writing down things before I had actually heard the information.  Sometimes I was right and sometimes I was wrong, but once I started looking back at those gut feelings I had and making notes of exactly how I felt at the time I started to understand.

You see I was able to start tagging the feelings I had when I was right and noting the differences on the times that I was wrong.  As I did this more and more I started to really gain a better grasp of how my intuition was really working for me and I knew when I could trust it based off of how I felt whenever it would pop up.

Here are a couple of examples:

Just the other night we had ordered pizza for delivery during peak times and they said it would be close to an hour.  That hour had come and gone and we were all getting hungry.  My youngest son was on door duty to yell for me when the delivery guy came.  Then I got that feeling that I knew I could trust from previous occurrences and I stood up and started upstairs.  Just as someone asked where I was going and I responded to get the pizza, my son yelled that the pizza was here.

I knew I could trust my intuition to know that the pizza delivery had just arrived.

Another time I was driving home for work and as is often the case I had the radio off and was content to my own thoughts for the drive home.  As I approached the onramp for the highway I caught myself singing a song in my head that had popped up in my head.  The next thought that went through my head was that the song was playing on the radio and I was able to actually turn it on and low and behold I was right in stride with where the song was!

In both of these cases, I had that internal feeling of something was going to happen or was happening around me and I was able to trust my intuition and key in on both of them.  While most people would say that these were just coincidences, I have learned over time that with focus I was able to do it more often.

The Basic Exercise

Taking mental notes and then use hindsight to evaluate them.

First thing is first, you need to identify for yourself when your intuition or your gut feeling is telling you something.  For me it is a moment of clarity where I feel connected and am confident.  Once you know what yours is, you need to start taking mental notes of when it fires off.

As you start taking these mental notes it will make it easier for you to look back after things have concluded and see just what was going on.  Using hindsight now you will take further mental notes of exactly how you felt when your intuition fired off and what happened after that.

You will start to see patterns develop over time and you will also start to understand how your intuition really works for you.  With continued practice and confidence in yourself you will find that more and more you will be able to trust your gut instincts.

Diving in a Bit Deeper

Ready to dive in?  Check out my review of this movie to see just how much Science is catching up with Spirituality.

Now that you understand how to develop and trust your instincts, I want to take a deeper look into this and why it works.  I guess you could say that this journey down this particular path for me started when I watched two different movies, The Secret and What the Bleep Do We Know.

The Secret talked about the Law of Attraction and how you could use it to attract things into your life that you desire and was a more abstract concept.  Meanwhile, What the Bleep Do We Know brought with it a scientific backing that helped tie the two together into something much deeper.

Leading Quantum Mechanics research is bringing a whole new perspective to the spiritual sojourner.  Where as in older “religions” most ask you to believe things on faith alone, science is now helping to truly bring facts to the table that can help one on their spiritual journey.

Things such as the infamous Double Slit Experiment show that until observed, reality is a probability.  This means that until we apply our perception to something that it exists in every possibility for itself.  Once we do apply our focus however it comes into existence and acts normally under the laws of physics.

If we apply this concept to our intuition I think it becomes apparent on how they tie into each other.  We are the creators of the world around us with all of our perceptions driving the world as it revolves around us.  When our gut feelings peak, that is when we are living in a higher state of mind that is already connected to the creation process.

This takes me back now to the second definition that I listed above.  Your Intuition allows you to understand exactly what you are creating in your life without the whole rigmarole of analyzing the situation at hand.


To wrap things up I would just like to take a quick stroll back through some of the highlights here to help you have a clear understanding of what I am talking about.

  1. Defining Intuition as the ability to understand the moment you are presently, the “now.”
  2. Make mental notes of what is going on when you have the gut feeling moment.
  3. Using hindsight and your mental notes to help you become more aware of what to look for and how to trust yourself.
  4. Understanding that we create the lives that we live and intuitive moments are an alignment of ourselves with our creations.

Many of the various articles that I have posted on this site tie directly in with these concepts and I would encourage you to take a few minutes to explore the site and see what jumps out for you.  However, there are a few here that I would recommend you check out if you found this post thought provoking:

Share Your Thoughts

Please share your thoughts with us!

Lastly before I go, I would ask for you to share your thoughts with us on the topic.  Whether it is about how you learned to use your intuition, how you believe this stuff all ties together or if you just have questions about the topic.  Anything that is shared here is helpful for us all to grow and understand others perspectives.

I just ask that you keep in mind the Golden Rule when commenting and keep it respectful. I understand that when discussing topics such as this in depth can lead to passionate pleas, but as long as we respect each other’s opinions all will be well.

James W D

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14 Replies to “Learn How to Trust Your Intuition Using Hindsight”

  1. I truly believe what you said about intuition and gut feeling! There are many times in my past, I felt like I have to act on something or talk to someone out of nowhere with no doubt. Later, I found out that it needed to be done at that moment for someone or myself. I think it’s a way of GOD, Creator or Universe communicating with me.
    I appreciate you giving me a practical tip! Making mental notes is a great way to remind myself about previous experiences and it helps me to trust more on my intuition. I really think that the more we practice having awareness and appreciation of our intuition, the more we understand the purpose of our lives.
    It’s funny how I oftentimes try to find answers in logical ways that has to make sense in my head. However, real answers always come in the way that is hard to explain with logic. Sometimes I wonder if logic blocks us from being our true self.

    • Young, I am glad that you understand how powerful of a tool this really can be. Whether it is your God, Creator, or Universe it is certainly a sign for you that you are on the right path. I also totally agree with you that the more that you practice having awareness and mindfulness of our intuition, the more you will understand the lessons in life that you have to learn. With that you will be able to plow through those lessons much easier and getinto more and more growth!

  2. First things first James. Next time you have a moment of clarity and feel that you are in the zone, think of the next week’s Jackpot Lottery numbers and email them to me LOL. I always have moments of intuition and Deja vu but never thought of cultivating it or documenting them.

    I did do some research on the fact that lights frequently dim, flicker or turn off when I am around but I found out many people feel this happens to them. You have inspired me to take a deeper look at this subject and learn more about ways to better control my reality. Thanks.

    • Tony, if it were only that easy right? Actually, while the money would be great, I don’t really want to win the lottery. I have purchased tickets occasionally, but deep down I would rather build my empire brick by brick and not just have one handed to me. Any who…

      I have also seen where it is said that moments of intuition or Deja vu are a sign that your spiritual plan and your life’s path are in alignment. Taking the time to hone in on this skill then should equate to aligning yourself better with you plan.

      As for the lights, I would certainly be interested to here more about that and whatever you find out in your research. I have not come across that on this journey, but I am intrigued to hear about how it has effected your life and what it could mean.

  3. This is a GREAT post. I have very strong intuition and so does my wife. And even though it has always been there it has grown stronger throughout the years from experiences. I completely agree with how it can be honed and leaned upon. I think people don’t put enough into their perceptions and don’t trust their mind and body to tell them things that they don’t immediately have knowledge of otherwise. Great post, and thanks for the in depth perspective!

    • Javie, some call it a sixth sense, some call it leaning on your experience. I tend to think it is basically a bit of both. Regardless, it is still a tool that we can practice using and get better with. It does also rely on having a certain sense of self confidence and having trust with your intuition as well.

      Thank you for you kind words and sharing with us, much appreciated!

  4. I am a great believer in sixth sense – many doctors I know have good intuition about when their patients have something serious underlying their symptoms, and when there’s nothing to worry about. My mentor, Dr David Rubenstein who was a consultant at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge, was a wizard at this. He could stand at the end of a new patient’s bed after our ‘team’ had been on call over the night and, even though we hadn’t yet got back the reuslts of tests would know exactly what was going on. In one famous case, where a patient was admitted with non-specific bowel problems, he diagnosed cancer of the pancreas just from a single glance.

    • Sarah, thank you for sharing your experience with us. I used that word there specifically as the more we practice using and trusting our intuition the more experience we are getting with it. Thus we build upon each previous time allowing us to continually improve ourselves. Some of us will also just have natural talents for it as well, especially when we focus into a specific field of study, such as medicine.

  5. Hi. What a great post. And how interesting that I never really thought about it before…I too often think of a song before I hear it. And very often I know when things are going to happen. I just figured it was a normal part of ME and never thought about hindsight.
    I’m going to do what you suggest to look into it further and see what’s going on with me before I choose to do something. In most cases, I just decide to do it, or at least I thought…we’ll see!

    Thanks so much for this, I can’t wait to see what I find!!

    • Liz I have found that this is often the case in life. We are just cruising through and don’t realize that we are missing out on so much. Sometimes we just need that little bit of a prompt to have our eyes opened to the wide world around us.

      Your comment reminds me of a documentary I watched once about a woman that saw sounds visually with colors. One statement of hers that really caught my attention and made me think was when she stated to someone that the sound looked a bit orange. When they questioned her as to what she meant she came to the realization at that point that she was different from the normal. Here she had thought everyone perceived the world around them the same as her. So in your case it sounds like you already have a decent connection with your intuition and just imagine how much better it will get with practice!

      I am eager to see how practicing this skill works out for you and I hope that you stop back after a bit of practice and let us know!

  6. First, there are NO coincidences! I love this subject and just had a lengthy convo about it with my girlfriend.

    I think you’ve really nailed it with the hindsight thing and paying attention! I need to start making notes, like you suggest, when these things happen in my life.

    I had 2 obvious intuition-type things happen in the last couple wks. The first was about 3 wks ago when I was on my way to WV to see my son and his family.

    First off, a few days prior I was telling my girlfriends about going on the trip to see my grandson. They teased me about not speeding on the way down there. I joked and said I was going to use my “grandma card” and get out of a speeding ticket.

    So, when I began my journey down there on Sat. morning, I just “knew” I was going to get pulled over for speeding. But, did that slow me down? NO!! I didn’t pay attention and trust my intuition. I mean, I knew it, it was clear in my head. I could see it happening, but I blew it off. Sure enough, about 45 min. to go in the trip, I got pulled over for doing 82! And, guess what? I knew I was gonna get off with a warning as soon as I saw the blue lights flashing behind me.

    The trooper came to the window, and in my happiest excited voice, I said, “I’m sorry, I am just so excited to see my grandbaby!” He let me off with a warning, “today’s your lucky day!”

    That was probably the most vivid case of intuition I’d ever had. I have little things, like your pizza thing, happen, too.

    Another great article, James!

    • That is a great story Barb, if we would just learn to trust ourselves a little more we could probably save ourselves a lot of troubles, huh? Thank you for sharing your story!

      Otherwise, yes take those mental notes! Practice on little things throughout the day, anytime really where you have the opportunity to “guess” an answer before you know it is a prime opportunity.

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