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If I have learned anything in my life so far it is that everything happens for a reason.  More often than not you may not see the why at the moment, but they say hind sight is 20/20 right? So let’s see if we can add some perspective to this for you.

Everything happens for a reason, let’s add some perspective to that.

Some Important Moments in my Life

First I think I would like to share a couple pivotal moments in my life that helped me to learn this lesson about life.  It all started at the tail end of my career in the cell phone industry.

This was one phone I sold a ton of!

I was a retail store manager for T-Mobile and though things were not looking good for the long term employment there, I stuck to it rather than moving on when the first opportunity came along.  It was in this brief amount of time that one of my employees turned me onto a book that changed his and subsequently my life.

The book was called Life on the Other side by Sylvia Browne.  He had shared with me an experience that he had that was just undeniable.  Unbeknownst to me at the time, but this was the start of the journey that would lead me up to where I am today.

Up until this point I had been reading more scientific books such as Carl Sagan’s Cosmos and Brian Greene’s The Elegant Universe.  As I read Sylvia’s book I remember thinking time and time again that I wish I could get her in a room with Brian Greene and have a good discussion.

This is the book that allowed me to start putting everything together.

As I was going through this learning period my time at T-Mobile came to an end as I was let go.  While this was devastating to me as I loved my job and the company I worked for, I remember the drive home and for whatever reason I was happy.  Maybe it was relief from the stress of being a retail store manager or maybe it was because this was actually a major catalyst that happened for a reason that I would see years later.

Needless to say I was making very good money as a store manager and after a change in direction career wise, I was not making anything close to what I was.  The first couple years were the roughest, but as time went on I began to realize how thankful I was for having this happened to me.

You see it was during this time that I learned how to manage my finances.  Apparently when I was making more money than I needed I never really managed it at all, I just spent it.  About three years later though, I was living a very similar lifestyle to what I had been on less than half of the money.

This was the point at which I began to realize how everything does happen for a reason.  Had I not lost my job I may have never learned how to manage my finances and would have grown ever more vulnerable to a collapse of funds.

If I would not have taken that job, I may have never learned of The Secret.

The very next job I had was one that I was not entirely happy with as it was an outside sales job selling health insurance.  I had taken the job, but continued to look for other employment.  However there was one extremely important thing that happened to me while I was at this brief job.

The boss’s son gave me a CD one night and told me to watch it and let him know what I thought of it.  Obviously my curiousity was piqued and I watched it right away.  What he had given me to borrow that night was The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.  This was the first time that I had learned about the Law of Attraction.

If I would not have taken that job that I knew would not work out, I may have never came across The Secret in a meaningful way.  So once again it was reinforced to me that everything happens for a reason.

This would continue through my next three jobs over the next 8 years.  Time and time again it seemed as if I was following a map through life rather than experiencing random moments of time as it passed.

The commute to that interview was one full of signs that I was clearly able to see.

With my current job, I still remember my drive to my interview quite clearly.  There were several moments where it seemed as if everything was pointing at what would become my future job.  From a license plate with synchronous letters and numbers, to seeing a sign on a vehicle at just the right moment after thinking about something.

Everything that day was pointing to my future and I was quite aware of it that day.  I could really feel connected to the Universe and I didn’t need my hind sight to come in and save the day.  I knew why all of these little things were happening and I am so thankful that they did.

Learning How to See the Signs

As my life was going through all of these changes and my hindsight kept showing me why down the road, I began to wonder if I could learn how to see them in real time versus looking back.  There was one documentary called What the Bleep Do We Know by Marlee Matlin that really helped me to connect the dots.

You see the one thing that I learned from watching that and by connecting it with the other books I mentioned above, is that we are the creators of our lives.  This documentary showed me a scientific experiment that showed until matter is actually observed, it is in many different places or states at once.  Once observed though, it would take on a defined path.


As this science began to sink in with all of the spiritual stuff, I started creating a whole new world for myself.  I started to pay attention whenever hind sight kicked in about something and I would really look back at specifically how I was feeling at that particular time.

I started to pick up on various feelings that were consistent and then I started to pay more attention to those same feelings when I would have them in real time.  By connecting the two I was able to start seeing things more in real time rather than have to wait to see things down the road.

Create your own path to learn and grow on.

This is still a skill that I work on constantly today as it is not an easy one to master.  Have you ever thought to yourself that you knew the right answer or the right thing to do at a time, but chose a different path?  I use this skill to look back at those times and pay attention to how I felt when I knew what I should have been doing.

I look back into the details of what led up to that particular moment, what I was doing and what I was feeling.  Then as time goes on and I find myself in a similar situation or feeling, I know better when to trust myself and go with that instinct I had in the first place.

Why Does Everything Happen for a Reason?

So now I have given you examples from my life that taught me this as well as explaining how I started taking advantage of it.  Still though, why does everything truly happen for a reason?  The answer here will take us down the spiritual path that I have chosen to walk.

As I have explored both scientific and spiritual materials I have taken out my virtual machete and carved my own path through life’s jungle.  I do not follow any particular religion or any specific new age path, so what I am about to explain here is simply the sum of my experience in life.

Looking back over my life, there was many reasons for me to come to believe in reincarnation.

I am a firm believer in reincarnation when it comes to coming back in human form. So the question is why would are souls choose to continue to incarnate on this world time after time?  To me, it is the best way to learn.

I think the best way to explain this would be to relate it to something that helped me put it all together.  Way back in the day there was a Star Trek Next Generation episode where Q (an omnipotent being) was bored and that is why he always toyed with the Enterprise.

In one particular episode he explained how boring it was to know everything and to be able to do everything.  He went on to say that he has walked every path of life and lived in every time.  However, because of this it was hard for him to experience new things and as such the boredom set in.

Each life consists of a framework in which we fill in the gaps as we live.

As I began to carve my path that particular show helped me to relate to reincarnation.  You see the best way for us to learn and grow as a soul is to forget.  When we incarnate on this world we do so behind a veil of forgetfulness that allows us to experience just this life to it’s fullest.  Without having the previous memories and experiences of past lives consciously available to us, it makes learning from our current experiences much easier.

You see I believe that before we incarnate here on earth we lay out a general plan for the things that we want to accomplish in said life.  For example perhaps we want to be challenged with a lack of confidence and learning how to overcome that.  We don’t plan out 100% of what happens, rather just lay out a framework for whatever it is that we are trying to accomplish in life.

With that belief, that is why I know that everything happens for a reason.  It is all a part of our master plan for our soul’s growth.  When something obvious happens and it strikes you consciously of that fact, it is like seeing a road sign that you yourself put in to let you know that you are on the right path.

Share Your Thoughts

I invite you to share why you believe things happen for a reason or how you have seen this effect in your life.  With each new comment you offer your perspective to our story here and who knows, maybe your comment is meant to happen for someone else to see and benefit from!

Share your thoughts and experiences with us, you never know who needs that in their life right now!

Also if you are interested in reading any of the materials that benefitted me in my life I will recap them here for you.  Thank you for helping support this site and making a positive difference in the world.

If you want to learn more about the Law of Attraction another good source can be found here at Golden Inspirations.

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James W D

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16 Replies to “Everything Happens for a Reason”

  1. James,
    I am learning about the Law of Attaction and have always tried to lead a positive life even before I had ever heard of it. I LOVED the video clip here! It helps me understand how our thoughts are like the observer in the experiment. By thinking in a certain way we have a hand in controlling the outcome or trajectory of events! Thanks!
    It does get discouraging when very mean spirited or selfish people seem to do well while walking over everyone else, especially in the business world. Meanwhile, kind people struggle. Bad behavior seems to get rewarded in our modern culture.

    I try to content myself that they act the way they do because they are unhappy or insecure and I should feel sorry for them rather than be angry at them. I am still working on not caring about those types of injustices in the world.

    Great site!

    • All of us live by the Law of Attraction whether we realize it or not. That is why when we here about it, consider and think about it, that we realize that everything happens for a reason!.

      I totally understand what you are saying about those that walk all over everyone else. I would concur that they do so because of their own unhappiness and so forth. It is just like bullying, where they do what they do to try to make themselves to feel better about who they are. These people need our compassion the most.

      Thanks for stopping by

  2. I do believe in the statement, everything happens for a reason. Sometimes it’s hard to see right there and then what the reason is, but it usually unfold itself… Life goes up and down, it’s how we deal with the downs that will determine the long term outcome of our life…

    I enjoyed the post, thank you!


    • Vicky, I very much agree with you. It is how we learn to deal with the downs that really do determine our long term realities.

  3. Beautiful post man. I also had a similar experience with The Secret. Changed my entire perspective. We actually share a lot of thoughts. I’m sharing this link on facebook, G+ and tweeter right now.

    • Damir, Yeah the Secret was a bit of an eye opener for me, but it was when I continued my research with the other books & documentary listed here. Each one was like a piece of the puzzle for me to help me get to my current state of existence. Thank you much for sharing!

  4. Hey James,

    This is a very informative and helpful review. I agree with you 100% and that everyone has to realize that things happen for a reason. Sometimes it is hard to realize but it is so true!

    Thanks for this!

    • Rashad, Thank you much for your support. It is definitely something that can be very hard to realize, but the more you work at it the easier it will get. I have also used this to help my wife who has always been more of a glass is half empty kind of person. As she started to see that everything does happen for a reason it has helped her to better understand my glass is half full point of view.

      • My husband often feels life is against him. He is very discouraged as he has worked very hard but always gets stuck in difficult but underpaid jobs. He has the potential, skills and dedication to do well at so many things but with the tough job market it seems impossible and gets very discouraging when no one will give you a chance. He has a history degree and that is his passion. There are no jobs of course. He has to work in labor and law enforcement type positions based on his military background.

        I am trying to lead by example but it’s slow. He thinks I am just lucky and good and wonderful but that won’t ever be his life. I am slowly explaining the Law of Attraction to him.

        Part of my ability to maintain happiness even when life is rough (as I have serious health problems and limitations in recent years) is that I grew up in the woods in Alaska. I feel happiness from little things like seeing a bird and hearing it sing, smelling a flower or watching a thunder storm and rainbows. My connections with nature make my spirit soar. I am perfectly happy gardening or going for a walk or looking at the beauty of a snowflake. Living in the city now that is much harder for me and I seriously look for ways to move to a smaller town where nature is more accessible. I think that would help both of our spirits immensely.

        • Ah the little things that do make a difference. Funny how you brought that up as it is exactly the next article that I am working on right now. Just as the Law of Attraction is working for you to make you that “Lucky, good, and wonderful” the Law is also working for him to create the tough road that he walks.

          You see we tend to self defeat ourselves in life a lot and we create our own unluck when we do so. The Law of Attraction is not biased and brings to us just what we really think will happen. So many of us, even when we are aware of the Law, still create with doubt and a lack of confidence which defeats bringing in the good stuff that we long for.

          One of the most satisfying moments of my life is when I moved and replanted a young tree in my backyard growing up. After I was all done I walked up to the house and when I looked back a bird hand landed in the little tree and was hanging out there. I could not have ever been more satisfied in that one brief little moment there.

          • Last summer I was standing on my back deck and a brown nuthatch flew up and landed on my hand. I was thrilled as I have always liked birds and grew up watching them. It was a wonderful feeling!

          • Moments with wildlife like that are always precious and often have deep meanings for a lot behind them. The first summer I was at my Grandparents camp after they had both passed I was greeted by two butterflies that followed me around the field as I mowed it (like my grandparents always did before). It was very special to me.

  5. Great article and something we can all learn from. I have read the Secret and Browne’s book so I can relate to what your saying and I am half way through Carl Sagan’s book as well. I truly believe there is a life path, and things happen for a reason, we just have to look for it unfolding.

    • Cavan, Great to see that you are enjoying some of the same materials that have meant so much to me in this life. I would definitely recommend looking into the others I have listed here after you are done with Cosmos as they tie in great!

  6. I to have read the secret and learned about the Law of Attraction and how to Ask, Believe, and Achieve the goals you want in life. I feel that everything happens for a reason based on the type of energy we put out in the world. Depending on the type of energy we put out the universe will create a “life-lesson” or “situation”… to get you to go in a particular direction that was already planned out for you. Example: It was planed out for me that I would have the ability of have 98% of my college tuition paid for by scholarships, out of pocket and so on. Student loans was not the primary option. The energy that I in high school (circa 2008) was be in the top of your class, get excellent grades not know that when I walk across a college stage graduating in 2014 I 98% of my tuition was paid loan free and I only have 1 student loan in the amount of $2700 dollars. It happened for a reason.

    • Lauren, First off thank you for sharing the example from your life, it is much appreciated. I would also agree with your statement about energy as that is one that I have been experiencing a lot as of late. We all have our own energy field that surrounds us and it does influence those around as theirs influences us as well. Yet another reason to be mindful of the vibes that you are putting out as they can affect those around you.

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