Enjoy Little Things Life Gives You, it is What Matters the Most



A recent comment here led to a chain of thoughts that in turn led to some interesting synchronicities, which in turn led to this article being written. The Comment was, “Large doors swing on small hinges” and that made me think to enjoy the little things life gives you, it is what matters the most.

What Do I Mean, Little Things?

Seeing a bird quickly taking advantage of my freshly planted tree was extremely satisfying

First let’s explore just exactly what I mean by little things.  The little things in life are just that, the smallest of moments that can bring to you every emotion over the rainbow.  From the smile of a small child to a friendly acknowledgement to a hug from someone you love, it is all of these things and those in between that make a huge difference in our lives.

One of the most satisfying moments of my life was an extremely simple one.  I had a pretty big backyard growing up and in Middle School Science class we started working on landscape designs for yards that were friendly to birds.  This inspired a lot of work from me in my backyard, rearranging it and making it more friendly to birds.

Imagine my satisfaction after planting a tree down towards that bottom of the yard and turning around back at the top to see the first bird come and land on it’s branches.  I can still feel the warmth of that day when I reflect back on that moment, standing their holding my shovel and watching the robin reap the benefits of my work.

You see every day we get the opportunity to enjoy life to it’s fullest with just the smallest of moments.  The real trick to doing this is to simply just look for those particular moments and when you find one, take the moment to cherish it.

Enjoying the Moment

Just like little kids at the beach, take time to enjoy and savor the moment

Once something catches your attention, just as it is important to enjoy the moment as it happens it is also important to reflect on that moment as well.  Allow it to resonate within you and pay attention to how it makes you feel.  Register those feelings within your mind and they become all the easier to spot next time around.

As you continue to appreciate all of these small things you will start to notice a positive difference in your life.  You see as you register all of these small happy moments and make a commitment to savoring them, you will find it much harder to be unhappy as your focus is no longer on the negative side.

Sharing these little moments of joy with those that you are close to is another way to help positively reinforce your perspective on life.  Let those you know and love hear all about the wonderful things that you are now experiencing and see how not only does it help to raise your positivity, but also theirs as well.

The Ripple Effect

I am sure that most all of us at some point or another have tossed a stone into a pond or something similar and watched the ripples race out from impact and dance across the water top.  Just as the small stone can affect the top of a whole pond, it is the small or little moments in life that can have profound effects on us.

A small stone can affect a whole pond, so why shouldn’t small things in life matter to you?

With each positive moment that you take in and savor, you yourself are sending out ripples into your life that can have far reaching effects.  As you appreciate more and more, the ripples turn into big churning waves that will wash over you, carrying you to a higher level of living.

As you become more positive centered, you will now also become the stone on the much larger pond of life going on around you.  It will now be your example that helps to brighten and influence the lives of those that you encounter.  It will also attract others that are in the same boat as you, generating new friendships and connections.

These small groups of people then become the stone in an even larger pond, influencing the communities of people around them.  These strong communities carry forward as examples then influencing yet more people and even larger communities.  This is how the ripple effect can start with just one person and carry forward to having a profound influence on the world as a whole.

Make a List and Check it Twice!

I’m not talking about Santa’s list!

No this isn’t Santa’s list we are talking about here, but in an effort to help you progress you should take a moment think about creating a list of the little moments that you enjoy throughout the day.  If you have a bad moment or anything, get your list out to remind you of all of the things that you experienced to be happy about.

In today’s world there are plenty of ways of doing this technique.  Whether it is traditional pen and paper up to making a list on your smart phone, there are plenty of easy and accessible ways to keep a list handy.  Heck you can even use social media to not only keep track of the little cherished moments throughout your day and share them at the same time.

Personally I would recommend getting a small notepad or book and writing down your particular moments.  There is just something to be said about the power of actually writing things down.  I am a firm believer that by committing thoughts to paper that it helps you to also commit to those things mentally as well.

Why the Little Things Matter the Most

Time to open your eyes and pay attention to all the little positives in your life!

Obviously you can see the importance of all these little things throughout each and every day, but why is it that they matter the most?  Well you see big things matter too, but because of their size they are few and far in between. So let’s wrap things up here so you can have a more complete picture and perspective.

When you focus only on the big things and how they matter, you can find yourself trapped for a long time on certain emotions that you may not want to be with for that long.  Since big things only come along so often you will end up latching onto the emotions from it and this can cause a lot of problems.

On the flip side, little things happen all of the time and can easily help you transition from moment to moment.  Good moments are great to savor while negative moments help us to have a better perspective on life by learning from them.

They say that everything is good in moderation and that makes a lot of sense when you take little moments into consideration.  Too much good and you can be blinded by that and not come to cherish those moments as much as you could.  Too much bad can spiral you out of control and land you in depression and anxiety.  Finding the right balance between them though allows you to fully appreciate every moment of your life.

What Little Things Have You Noticed Today?

In conclusion here I would ask you, what little things happened to you today that you took time to appreciate?  Please share with me in the comments below or socially share the article with some good moments from your life today.  Who knows, there may just be a few people out there that could use some of your ripples today!

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13 Replies to “Enjoy Little Things Life Gives You, it is What Matters the Most”

  1. hey, James! I love the little things! I live for the little things. Without those little things, the big things wouldn’t make sense.
    Just yesterday evening, I had to pull my car over so I could enjoy the beautiful sky, lit up with the last kiss of the sun’s grace for the day. It was amazing…I just couldn’t understand how everyone else could keep on driving and not even paying any attention at all.
    Thanks for another wonderful post!

    • Little things are important! I too love the skies in the morning and evening! I have about a 40 minute drive one way and in the winter months like now I am blessed with both the sunrise and sunset on my ways to and fro work. There has been a time or three where I did stop for pictures. Glad you enjoyed the post and thanks for stopping by again.

  2. A very enjoyable and life affirming piece. Quite ironic for me as I was thinking about this this morning, I was driving home from work when I pulled over on a narrow street to let someone pass, the oncoming driver waved and smiled as he passed. In the area of London I work this is a rare occurrence, people have their head down and it’s dog eat dog, and no-one gives way. I was conscious of this as I waited but the thought had occurred that I didn’t care if I was going against the norm, I would try and set an example. The other driver probably forgot the occurrence 30 seconds later but who knows, that small ripple could have improved his mood enough to pass on his good spirit to someone else, and so the ripples pass until something significant has taken place.
    It’s not very likely, but I do believe that every time I show good will I increase the chances of making a significant change.

    • Dan, I can relate very well to your story here. When I leave work I pull out of a dinky little lot right by a redlight. All too often no one will let me out and instead block the way while sitting at the light. Trust me thought that it does help as when someone does let me out it is a great feeling! A little bit of courtesy and common sense can go a long way in helping someone have a better day. Thanks for sharing your story.

  3. Hey James great read. So the great thing that happened to me today was waking up to see another day with my wife and kids. I’m always grateful for that because we are never promised a tomorrow. So when I was reading your post, it made me think of a little thing that I noticed in my life that meant a lot to me that puts my mind at ease and that was the moon. When I was deployed to Afghanistan I was missing my family a lot and every time I watched the moon come up I thought to myself, my wife and kids see the same moon so it put me at a great state off mine thinking that they were right next to me. Thank you for sharing your post.

    • Family is definitely something precious to us all Jamie. I love your story about the moon and how you were able to associate that your family saw the same thing. Thank you very much for your service to the country as well as sharing your story here today.

    • Jaime I had to comment on your comment! I am an Australian living in Canada and my dad often mentions sending love in the same moon we both see. I do distance healing with reiki and truly believe in energetic connections. Recently I had a fairly significant and emotional event happen and I went out into the silence of our acreage, in the dark, full of distress. I was looking for comfort and closeness to my dad and couldn’t find the moon… Even I was surprised the effect it had on me as I searched the sky for this connection! It is a beautiful thing to know and feel love and the moments of being quiet and in the moment when we can feel gratitude for our experience through these seemingly simple things! The little things in life are truly the best.

      PS thank you for an awesome website. I will share on my FB

  4. Well its always good to be reminded how the little things in life can bring such joy. Just the other day me and my wife was sitting at the food court at the mall and there are these benches that have these different colored spots that light up and when you touch them you can actually make a design.

    My wife was asking me what I was looking at? I told her I was watching some children playing with these lights and how such a little thing brought joy to them which inturn really made my day. Sometimes we forget some of our own childhood behaviors that we should of kept growing up.

    • Troy that my friend is a great example of how little things can be a positive influence on your life. I often see this at lunch myself as they have a table there that responds in a similar fashion and it is always great to watch the little ones play with them. Thanks much for sharing your story!

  5. Great post!

    This is a good reminder to anyone who is having a bad day or just not very happy with where they are at in life at this current moment in time. Many people are not very appreciative to the things we have and this post here helps open peoples eye to understand that it isn’t always about how many friends you have or how much money you have. It is about the people we share our lives with and something as a simple as your dog making you laugh by something they did.

    I love it and keep up the good work!

    • It is definitely a good reminder as it is a very important tool that we all have access too. The more we use it the better we will become with it and even more value we will get from it. I must say that I do always enjoy when the dog gives me a good laugh. Thanks and I will!

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