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It recently came to my attention that while I had a lot of good intentions with my life I was slightly off the path to where I wanted to be.  I realized that creating the life you want to live requires more than wishful thinking and positive affirmations.  There is a time proven process that we all follow as humans and after reading a recent book and some events in my life, I realized I had some work to do.

Life is your blank canvas and you can create the life that you want to live.

The Book That Got Me Back on Track

As funny as it may sound, the book that got me pointed back to the spiritual path that I wanted to be walking was Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, which I recently reviewed here.  I had forgotten the new book I was reading but still had this one handy so I took it with me on my lunch break and started reading it again.

That is when a great synchronicity happened for me as I stumbled across the information that I really needed to see today.  You see I had been thinking about writing a post today along the lines of being the change you want to see in the world.  I had written one before (see the previous link) and wanted to expand on that topic and now here was exactly what I was already on the verge of writing about.

Book Review- Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker.

Very early in the book the Author gets into our programming that we receive as a child when it comes to money.  He talks about the long known equation of TFAR which mean Thoughts lead to Feelings, Feelings lead to Actions and Actions equal results.  He, however, added a P to the beginning stating that it is our Programming that first leads to our Thoughts.

A good example off this concept was a man that attended one of his courses that was struggling financially despite making $800k per year.  No matter how much money he made, he only ever had enough to scrape by.  You see when he was a child his mother loathed rich people and instilled the “programming” in him that anything extra after your expenses was just being greedy.  This led him to wasting any extra money he had as deep down having an excess of it led him to a negative state of existence.

Recent Events Helped to Open My Eyes

Some recent events in life really helped to open my eyes that I was not quite on the path that I thought I was.  I had started a process lately for myself where I would write down my values and my intentions based off of them.  Then followed it up with what actions I wanted to take and also tracking my results.  I wrote about this process in my article, What Seeds Did You Plant Today?

By writing things down and tracking my results, my eyes were opened to many different things.

The tracking of the results really helps you to become accountable for your actions and this combined with the events going on in my life and the book I had read led me to an epiphany today.  Often despite having good values and intentions we sometimes go off the path because of our emotions and programming that we have received in life.  When I was re-reading about the programming today I realized that this is exactly what happened to me.

My emotions had reared up and as soon as that happened I did not follow my values and intentions, but rather defaulted back to the programming I had received earlier in my life.  Instead of being the change that I wanted to see in the world, I veered off and my ego took center stage.

As hindsight kicked in though and I began to work on being accountable for the actions that I took I realized the mistakes that I had made, accepted them and have begun working on the process of learning from them.  I am very thankful that I started this whole process at this point in my life or I might not have seen where I was in the wrong and very easily could have been led down the wrong path.

Accountability Equals a Program Update

Article: What is the Most Important Thing In Life? Accountability
Article: What is the Most Important Thing in Life? Accountability

As I ruminated over all of these concepts it dawned on me that when we are accountable for our actions that it actually helps us to update our programming.  Accountability has a profound effect on our lives and truly helps us grow towards our core values.

In tracking the results that my actions provided, things started to come to light for me.  I could see much more clearly what was happening in my life and how my emotions were clouding my values.  With each new time that I tracked my results this became clearer and clearer to me that I needed to be much more mindful in life than what I have been.

When I started holding myself more accountable for my actions and results, I started to see change in my life. While it is still a process to work through and lessons would still need to be learned, I was on the right path.  I started making changes to who I was and the programming that had been so long instilled into me.

Creating the Life You Want to Live

I have come to learn that to create the life I want to life for myself starts with examining what my values are in life and how I can live by them accordingly.  Once you have determined what is important to you and you place your focus on that, life will start to give you the opportunities to go down that path.

Teaching my kids how to do the dishes properly has been very helpful for our family as a whole.

A good example in my life is with my kids and helping them to be more responsible around the house.  I have placed the Family value high up on my list and part of that value to me is to have a clean household for us all to live in.  My intentions have been to work with the kids while doing chores so that they can learn better what needs done around the house.

As I began to focus on this topic, I started with including the kids with me when I was doing chores teaching them how and why we do certain things.  I also explained to them that we as parents would have more free time to do other things with them if they helped more around the house.

This whole process led to very positive results for our family.  The kids are now not only doing a better job on their normal chores but have also pitched in to help us with others as well.  This is turn has also led to us taking time to go to the park or to play games together, basically more social time!

So as you can see by identifying my value, intentions, and actions along with recording the good and bad results, I was able to start making a positive change in my family and I’s life.  There is less bickering about chores and more let’s get this done type attitude so that we can enjoy life more.

A Culmination of Thoughts

This article is a direct culmination of a couple other articles that I have written here along with the knowledge that has been imparted to me through my research and reading.  If this article has you thinking now, I would highly recommend that you check out the other articles that has led up to this perspective:

I would also love to add your thoughts and perceptions to this article and I would ask that you leave them below in the comment section.  As we continue to add our thoughts we help each other to further develop and grow in our spiritual journeys, so don’t be shy!  Also, please feel free to ask any questions that you may have and I will do my best to get you all squared up.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you back again another day!

James W D

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12 Replies to “Creating the Life You Want to Live”

  1. I think it is always important to create the life you desire. Otherwise, if you do not design your ideal life, you will be on walkabout forever.

    The only thing holding us back is our own mind.

    The time is NOW to create that life… The question is; “if not NOW, when?”

    Thanks James

    • Very well said Lawrence! Just last night my nephew was over and was playing guitar for us and also let us listen to a session that him and his friend recorded. As we were listening he pointed out their mistakes along the way. I told him that he should not be focusing on the notes that he missed in the past but rather to focus on the right note right now. It was pretty cool to see his eyes open wide as it sank in, he was very appreciative for that perspective. Focus on the now!

  2. Hi James,

    I have still yet to get to book from my friend. I’ve been dying to read the book. I’m going to finish the final lesson on another Harv Eker course.

    I must say money blueprint aside, Harv Eker has proven that it is possible to have a balance between spiritual and wealth.

    But there’s no secret to that. It’s all about hard work and taking action. You know what listening to 7 x 2 hours of Harv Eker’s did to me?

    Each time I feel I’m procrastinating, I feel like Harv Eker’s breathing down my neck. If you find his book a good read, you just need to listen to his course and don’t expect any soft sweet words tailored to suit our ears.

    • Kenny,

      I am certainly looking forward to taking some of Harv’s courses and already have the webpage to sign up for them bookmarked. I am already reading the book now for a second time through just for good measure it has been that good.

      Finding the right balance in life is paramount to living a happy and successful one. Harv gives you a lot of good perspective on how to do that with this book and I can’t wait to see what else he brings to the table. It is just nice to see someone talk about making money ethically and spiritually sound like he does. I am very thankful that it came into my life when it did and I know that it will help to springboard me forward into a great new reality.

  3. Hi

    Thanks for the inspirational read. I have always been hugely interested in how one goes about creating this sort of lifestyle?

    This article has certainly given me food for thought.

    I have not had chance to read the secrets of the millionaire mind book so I might start with that.

    What did you enjoy most about the book?


    • Adam, First let me answer your question. What I enjoyed the most about the book is how it breaks down an insanely complex subject to its base core and helps you to understand how we form our blueprints for wealth in our life. From understanding your past programming and learning how to update that in an ethical way is certainly what I enjoyed the most (with an extra emphasis on the ethical part).

      AS far as creating the life you want to live it comes down to being aware of it first. That is what this whole process does for you. It helps you to know and understand where everything is coming from. As you begin to focus on those core values and tracking your intentions and more importantly your results, you will start to see the change you desire. From there it just takes a commitment to the process.

  4. Less bickering and more enjoying of life, is a great take away message, not only pertaining to chores. I find it challenging to balance life, as we face it in modern society, and the hopes and dreams that we hold on to. I think that there is always a way create the life you want. Depending on your goals and the type the life you actually want, this may be easier said than done. Nevertheless, if you are willing to work for it, mentally, emotionally, and physically, anything is possible. Nice post, thanks for sharing.

    • Your statement above screams to me why it is so important to understand what your core values are so that you can properly set intentions and actions to get the right results for you in life. Balance in life comes from keeping your eye on the prize (core value) and being accountable for your results (positive and negative). Writing down the good and the not so good with your actions gives you a tremendous kick in the pants!

  5. Writing things down helps greatly in organizing your thoughts. This is also achieved by talking to yourself ( I do that sometimes ) :P.

    Great article and awesome perspective on the subconscious programming that everyone goes throughout their lives.

    If you think about it, being aware of this fake reality, your programmed self and trying cultivate your true self is extremely challenging, because you have to drop everything that you knew was true and shatter your current way of being.

    Enjoyed it much!


    • You can either be right or you can be spiritual. What I mean by that is that you have to learn to give up the old ways of thinking or our programming and be open to learning new things, perspectives, and so forth. Funny thing is, this advice that I just shared there was also from the book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. I just substituted spiritual in place of wealthy, so again this book continues to amaze me at how spiritual all of the advice is in it on wealth. It translates to spirituality very well.

      Working your way out of your programming and getting that needed update in there certainly is a challenge. Everything worth doing in life for growth is always going to be a challenge, it is kind of how we learn.

      I appreciate your kind words and hope to see you back by another day Harry. Thank you.

  6. Oh hey I’ve read Secrets of the Millionaire Mind! I’ve also been to the MMI 3-day seminar, it really did give me that kick that made me think about my financial future and the road to financial freedom. Plus I met some great people there! Have you been to the seminar before?

    Thanks for the great article! Served as a good reminder tonight. 🙂

    • I have not yet. I just got the book last month and just recently finished reading it for the first time. I am actually reading it already now a second time as I thought many of the lessons and perceptions in the book were just that good. While they apply to money they also apply to many other areas in life, especially for those on a spiritual journey.

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