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I have followed David Wilcock online for some time and he has always resonated well with me.  When I had the opportunity to pick up The Source Field Investigations as a reward through a work website I was ecstatic.  However, after getting the book it sat for a bit until the time was right for me to read it.  Though when the time came, it was about as perfect as it could be.

Bridging The Gap

The thing that I liked the most about this book is how David is able to bridge the gap from the Spiritual World to the Scientific World.  He takes many, many pieces to the grand puzzle per say and is able to place them together in an intricate web that just makes sense.  All too often we unlock great keys of discovery with our science, but fail to connect it to its fullest potential.

The beginning of the book dives right into the science side of things and David does a great job of setting up the rest of the book with the initial content.  As each chapter comes in the book, it builds very well on all of the previous ones and drives you to want to continue on reading even when you are out of time.  I can honestly say there were a couple lunch breaks that took me a little longer than normal.

Another thing that is done very well is all of the citations that David has put throughout the book.  He wants you to know that he is not just making stuff up, rather he is taking research from over the decades and connecting it all together in this investigation.  I have always enjoyed the fact that he does this with all of his work as it really helps to give credibility to all of it.

2012 Prophecies?

While the last great cycle may have ended, we are just moving into a new one now.

So obviously this book was written and published before 2012 and does talk about the end of the Mayan calendar.  However, David takes an approach here that is not all doom and gloom, but really digs down into the science behind why this date is important.  I think many people would be surprised at how advanced some of our ancient cultures really were.

David is more about using this date to learn about what exactly our ancestors did know.  For instance, with the Mayans their calendar shows that they had an understanding of the Earth’s procession and how it worked.  Then you can take that knowledge and combine it with the science that he does here and it truly does start to open the mind.

The other thing that I was happy to see, is how with all of the information presented you get a clear picture that 2012 wasn’t supposed to be a drastic change of events like many believed.  Rather it was like passing a sign on the highway letting us know that new and great adventures are just up the road.

Seeing the Bigger Picture

David is excellent when it comes to his research and being able to see the bigger picture as a whole.

I already mentioned how David is able to take many pieces of the puzzle and put them together, but because he does such a great job with this I wanted to explore it a little more.  You see he has been researching these topics for a very long time and has been very diligent along the way.

David is able to take a mix of spirituality, science, history, and a dash of intuition and ties it all together in a grand picture within this book.  Many of these things we often know about to some extent, but have failed to see how it all connects together in the grand scheme of things and this is where he excels.

This even caused a stumbling block for me as when I first got the book and started reading it, I found a lot of information that I already knew about and put the book down before getting to far.  However, what I didn’t realize until I picked the book back up recently was just how these things can all fit together.  As I read on the second time through, I was constantly amazed as I saw connection after connection come together.

The Source Field

Einstein knew there was more to his theory, though he was never able to solve it.

So what is this Source field?  Well, that is what the whole book is about and I don’t want to spoil it all here, but I will give some generalizations here.  For a long time, I had read books on science and books on spirituality and I had long wanted to combine them into a new theory.  The long and short of it is that David has already done a lot of that work.

I think it is pretty safe to say that the Source Field is an extension of some of the greatest scientific works of our time, namely Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.  Albert knew that his work had gone unfinished as he was never quite able to tie everything together into one grand theory.  What he did worked great for our perceptions and up to grander scales, but quickly broke down on the Quantum level.

David shows how the Source Field is the missing link that Einstein was looking for.  Not only does it help tie everything we can perceive in our reality together scientifically, it also bridges the gap over to a spiritual side.  If you took Edgar Cayce and Einstein and smashed them together, you would get David Wilcock.

Who is This Book Right For?

No matter what walk of life you are from, there is valuable mind opening information in here to read.

It is my belief that almost anyone could truly benefit from reading this book.  To some it may be a shock and to others could even be old news at this point.  That being said though, there are particular paths that would be drawn to this material.

The first kind drawn to it would be those on a spiritual learning journey.  For anyone going down this path, this book is full of invaluable information that will help to open your mind.  This is what personally drew me to David Wilcock in the first place.  Trust me, anyone looking to learn more about humanity’s history and spiritualism will consider this work to be required reading.

The next kind drawn to the book would be those that are interested in “fringe” science and how it plays a role in our world.  David is able to take many different and well documented science experiments and bring them together side by side to show how they work in conjunction with each other.  If you like the weird and wacky in science, then once again this book should be considered required reading.

My Recommendation

I very highly recommend the Source Field Investigations!

I think at this point you have already realized that I highly recommend this book.  I honestly think there is something in it for everyone and that it would help to make the world a better place if more people read it.  I know I was very thankful to have it readily available for myself to read when the time was right.

Realistically, I think that this book is one of those that will be looked back upon as one of the more influential pieces of our time.  I cannot stress enough at how well the book was structured, researched, and put together with a great flow.  Trust me in the fact that if you were already thinking of buying this book, then I can tell you that you will be happy with that decision.

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Looking to add this book to your collection?  Check out the various options available at Amazon for The Source Field Investigations.

Lastly I would ask that if you are familiar with this book or David Wilcock that you leave a comment below and share your opinions and perspective.  Also, if you have any questions that you would like to ask, please feel free to leave them as well and I will do my best to answer them for you.

Have a great rest of your day!

James W D

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10 Replies to “Book Review – The Source Field Investigations by David Wilcock”

  1. Thank you, James, for the look inside this book. Yes, 2012 has passed and the predictions of the world’s end, along with the Mayan calendar have come to pass. This book sounds like it would be a perfect read since I like watching episodes of NASA Untold Stories on TV. There is a connection between science and spiritual and you are right about most discoveries fail to tie them together. It is a one directional only. I look forward to reading your recommendation.

    • Kenneth, David was not a doom and gloomer with end of world predictions, but rather focused on the truth that we are traversing from one age to another. That being said though he certainly nails the aspect of combining science and spirituality together very well. I hope you stop back and let us know what you think after you’ve read it.

  2. This book must be interesting, there is no doubt in that and I really want to know what this concept of “source field” is, maybe that would the main reason why I will be reading it.

    I too have always thought of 2012 year as Mayan calendar indicated would be something more than how most people interpreted it as the doomsday.

    Einstein’s work was not complete because I think he was not that willing to accept any other possibility than what he could validate with logical reasoning, I am not entirely sure but as per I have known he was unwilling to accept that there is “uncertainty” in what happens in the world and somehow with his discoveries he tried to explain that there is order to everything that happens… I am curious to know if David has anything to say about that in his book.

    • The Source Field is exactly what Einstein was looking for. It is what is woven throughout our Universe and allows for the processes that he brought together with his work to come to fruition in a natural way. It solves the problem of Quantum mechanics not wanting to comply with our “laws” as they are ties everything together with a pretty nice bow.

      Should you decide to give it a read I hope that you’ll pop back here then and let us know what you think!

    • Hello again Barb! I can honestly say from our conversations here I was thinking of you at times when I was reading this book. I thought it would be right up your alley. Let me know what you think of it then!

  3. Hi jamesWD

    It’s really nice to comeback in your website, is really feels good. I don’t know about the writer and I never heard before the book. But I’m interested because of your excellent review. I will definitely visit the website of David Wilcock to know about him. I visit the link you provide for the book, the money is worth it to what you can get. Thanks for sharing!


    • A lot of what I have shared on this site has at least in part been inspired from content that I have researched from David Wilcock. If I had to label anyone as my “hero” per say in this field it would be him. Just the due diligence that he gives everything is great. Plus there is about a chapters worth of pages just dedicated to the citations throughout the book.

  4. Hello there James,

    I still need to throw myself into this kind of books. Not sure why I haven’t done that yet. I guess there isn’t a book that I can start with since they’re all unique in their own way. Thanks for the recap of this book though, it’s going to my “to read” list. I’ve read my share of some different books. One book that I found very interesting, related to fossil fuels and the theory that they’re actually a renewable source. It sounds crazy now, but not so much once you read it. I am not sure if you’re into this kind of books, but hey, I am just throwing you a bone. Here’s the title:

    “The deep hot biosphere: The myth of fossil fuels” by Thomas Gold.

    Enjoy reading it if you decide to do so!

    • I have found that books are a lot like pets in that they come into your life when they are supposed to and when they are needed the most. If what I wrote here resonated with you a lot, then I would highly recommend you checking it out. I always say, everything happens for a reason. I will also keep an eye out for the book you mentioned on my next foray to the book store.

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