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Today I would like to review with you a book that made a huge impact on my life, Life on the Other Side by Sylvia Browne.  This small book was one that helped me tie together my beliefs and begin a new spiritual journey that I am still on today. So let me shed some light for you on why this would be a great book to check out.

A Little Backstory First

before I get into the details I would like to share with you where I was in life prior to coming across this book.  I feel that these are important items to help you understand just how powerful the content within it is.

Growing up in the Catholic church never seemed quite right to me.

Having been introduced to religion at a late age for a child I was one that never really connected with the dogma that I was presented with.  There were just too many inconsistencies and that didn’t add up for me and often I saw way to much hypocrisy.  In light of all of that after a few years I fell out of the faith and became an atheist.

Over the next few years life continued on, but not believing in anything didn’t quite sit well with me either.  There were too many unexplained things throughout history and in my own life that needed explanations. I did not seek out any religion to help me, rather just kept to my own mind and began to develop my own theories.

I progressed on my own for several years with the thoughts that I came up with.  Always keeping an eye out for knowledge and then applying it with that core gut feeling that had driven me for so many years now.  Then one day a co-worker shared with me a personal story that would lead me to this book…

A Shared Story

It was a slow day at work when a deep conversation took a twist as one of my co-workers decided to share a personal story with me as he thought I would enjoy reading this book.  I’ll never forget the sincerity that he told me his story with and I can only hope to convey a bit of that here today.

Not long after his grandmother whom he was very close to passed away, he had a dream about her while he was on vacation.

There was his grandmother in a field of flowers

He looked through the mirror in the bathroom and saw a beautiful field full of wild flowers.  In the field was his grandmother with a wagon full of scrolls, waving for him to come be with her.

As they spoke he asked her about the scrolls and she told him that she was just catching up with some old friends.  They continued to talk and as they did so they traveled out of the valley and into a brilliant city where they sat down on some steps outside of a building to have their conversation.

When he woke up the next day he was invigorated and called his mother to share the dream with her.  As he explained what had happened his mother could barely contain her excitement.

Finally his mom said that when he gets home from his trip that she had to show him something.  He was left in suspense until he got home, but in the end it was well worth the wait.

Upon arriving home his mom already had the book in hand and she was telling him that he was going to want to read it.  First though she wanted to show him some pictures from the back of the book.

There in the book was an image of the steps he had been sitting on.

Here was where his jaw hit the floor as there was an artist’s illustration of a city from the “Other Side” and low and behold there was the building with the steps he had been sitting on.

This story again was obviously very important to him and I was very thankful that he shared it with me.  Needless to say I wasted little time in going out to purchase it for myself to read.

An Overview of Life On the Other Side

This book helped transform me into who I am today.

First off, one of the things that is mentioned early on in the book is that Sylvia herself was very skeptical of everything and only through many years of experience did she come to her conclusions.  She also states that she may not be 100% right and that each of us need to take what is right for us from the material.

Sylvia goes into detail of how she came across all of her experience that led up to her writing this book and having the beliefs that she does.  This helped me a good bit as it allowed me to really understand her perspectives and why she presented things in certain ways.

She then goes on to talk about death and what happens once we pass away here on Earth.  She explains with tremendous detail the process that our souls go through with incarnating here on Earth and then coming back home.  You see according to her we don’t always just live here once and often will incarnate several times to learn many different lessons and resolve karma from past lives.

She also talks about what the other side is like in tremendous detail.  Remember it was this detail that led my co-worker to the book and then onto me.  The descriptions of the “Other Side” hit home for me and gave me a feeling of comfort, which really helped me to embrace what I was reading.

The Pros and Cons

Having an open mind will help when reading this book.

First off I took her early advice in the book and focused on what felt right to me.  There were instances where I didn’t feel connected to the content and I let that go as it did not take long to get right back onto a good path for me.  Overall I believed in a lot of what she said, but not 100%

The information in the book can be hard for some to accept, especially those that have lived within today’s religions for a long time.  However, I believe that those that have found their way here are ready to give the status quo a shake up and it won’t be as bad.

Overall though I learned so much through her book and it tied in so well not only with other spiritual research that I had done, but also made sense on a scientific level.  You see my research into the subject was broad and often very fact based.  I remember as I read a science based book The Elegant Universe by Brian Greene afterwards, thinking I wish I could get the two of them in the same room for a discussion.

My Recommendation

I highly recommend this book.  It had a tremendous positive effect on my life.

If you are struggling with your beliefs and especially what happens after we die, then this is an excellent book for you to read.  I can’t imagine where I would be in life had I not come across this information. After reading the book and digesting it all, I realized though that everything does happen for a reason.

For anyone exploring a more spiritual view on life this would also be a great book to read as it is all about that.  Even if you don’t agree with her take on things, the core mechanics are extremely hard to argue against.

Lastly, this is just one of those books that you can’t put down.  I believe I read it in it’s entirety in a 2 day period, which for me is extremely fast.  I have since that time recommended the book to anyone that I felt was on a similar journey as myself.

If you would like to check it out you can purchase Life on the Other Side by Sylvia Browne here.  Not only are you helping yourself on your journey, but you are helping this site to grow and help many others on their journeys.

Share Your Thoughts

Please share your thoughts with us!

I would ask that if you have read the book or once you have to please share your thoughts with us here.  The more that we share the better picture that the next person comes along will get.  The better picture that we can paint together the better the chances we have of helping that one person that needs it and in turn, we make the world a better place.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope to see you again.  If you enjoyed this content here there are some other articles that I have written that may be of interest to you:

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10 Replies to “Book Review – Life on the Other Side by Sylvia Browne”

  1. James, I really like your website and I truly enjoyed reading this post. I’ve never heard of this book until now but it sounds pretty interesting. I don’t have a particular struggle with my own beliefs but the idea of what exactly happens after we die has always been a mind-blowing concept to me. It’s a bit scary to think about sometimes but it’s definitely something we should try to familiarize ourselves with beforehand. Like anything else in life, it’s always good to have a plan or some type of general idea.

    Not to spoil the book or anything but I’m very curious as to what she writes about. I see in another comment you said that she wrote this based on real life events as well as psychic events. How did she come into the psychic part? I find that very intriguing. I imagine that is what led her to such an interest in what happens when we die.

    I better not ask too many questions or I might ruin the book for others lol. Thanks for sharing! I’m always looking for a good read. Have a great day!

    • Allison, So if you have an interest in life after death and different perspectives on it, I believe this would be a good book to explore. Most of what Sylvia explains in this book resonated with me and has helped me to move forward in life without as much fear as I had in the past. For example, I used to dread the day my grandparents would pass as I only ever knew that one set despite having 3 parents. However after I read the book, and when the time came I was able to rejoice for them as I now knew they had completed their missions for this life and could move onto the next challenge for their soul.

      Sylvia comes from a family that has had psychics in it and her son now carries on where she left off after passing. She gives many details of examples in her life to help ease the mind and provide a clearer point of view.

      Questions are always welcome as you never know what will be the spark for someone else here to see and to make a difference in their life, so please always ask away!

  2. Moving post, James.

    When I started college (this was back during the height of the Cold War!) I was a chemistry major. After one year, I became a religion major.

    I wasn’t a strong believer in any particular faith, and as a student of comparative religion, once I graduated I was unable to shun one religion in favor of another.

    Though not actually “religious” in the sense of following a religion, I did believe in a SPIRITUAL dimension to our lives. But I wasn’t sure how to access that.

    The book you mention sounds like it could help me find such a gateway. I’m always joking, when people say something about living being better than dying, that what they say is true, “As far as we know! Maybe once we die, we’ll say, ‘Wow! This is fantastic! I wish it could have happened sooner!'”

    NOT that I’m anxious to perish! Only that we don’t really know much about death, since there are not any survivors! But this book offers some insights to help have a conversation about that topic.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Roger,

      I can certainly understand your perspective. When I was being raised Catholic I could not fathom an all loving god that would damn non-believers to hell. I knew that most religions were based off of good things and grew from there with their own twists and turns. However for me the more spiritual path was the right one.

      As for the book, yes this is exactly what it goes into details about. While I am not anxious to perish either, I no longer fear death for myself and or loved ones. I remember as a child I was terrified that someone I would love would end up in hell and I would never get to see them again in heaven. Now I believe I have a much better understanding of life and death and like I said have removed fear out of the equation. I would highly recommend this book for someone in your described situation. It was a life changer for me and I believe it can be for you too!

  3. This looks really interesting. I have recently been at a cross roads with my belief systems, I grew up in a strict religious family but came to a point that I realised I was unsure and now I am open to different ideas. Are Sylvia’s beliefs based on any real events or her psychic experience? I have read a lot of literature on near death experience and her book sounds like a book worth reading in my next stage exploring my beliefs.

    • Sylvia’s beliefs are a mix of experience in both real events and her psychic experience. She does review over all of that to help you understand her perspective better. If you are at a cross roads, I would highly recommend this book as that is exactly where I was at the time I came across it. Taking the knowledge she passed along helped me to further develop my own thoughts and they came in pretty close alignment with what Sylvia presented. Also, I will be reviewing some of the other books that I read after hers that helped me get through the cross roads I was at and onto the path that I am now, so please check back!

  4. I have been Sylvia Browne around for years, though haven’t heard much about her recently. I also have unexpectedly started on a new path after looking for a way to escape stress that I cannot control. That brought me to studying Reiki and that led to …..That said, it didn’t take much to get my attention & hope you were going to give a great review…cause I want to read it!!! Speaking of grandparents, I have had dreams almost every night with both my grandparents in them. I dream a LOT to begin with, but this is different, though I don’t really know why. I suppose I am waiting for a clue or answer from them! Thank you for the review, or my personal signal to go buy it!

    • Donna, Sylvia Browne did pass away not terribly long ago, maybe within the last two years or so. However her son Chris has picked up where she left off and he continues the journey forward.

      I have heard a lot of good things about Reiki but have not had the opportunity to experience it personally just yet, it is on the radar though!

      Dreams are a very important tool for us. More often than not they don’t give us straight answers, but they give us all the clues we need to get everything figured out. I would advise you to write your dreams down in a log and look back over it frequently and you will start to get things figured out.

  5. Thanks for sharing this book and your personal story, James! I love the dream story of your co-worker!!! I truly believe that we can reach out to the deeper level of our souls when we are dreaming and I too had few crazy dreams in my past that I believe it relates to my future.
    Under the overview, I appreciate you pointed out “she may not be 100% right and that each of us need to take what is right for us from the material”. I think that the Creator made each one of us unique and He speaks to us in different ways. So, I have a lot respect for people who are open-minded and acceptive of differences. It got me really curious what is in the book!
    I am really curious on the topic of death, because I believe that the death is not the end but rather the door to the next place for my soul. I am in my 30s, but I often think about how I can make this life more meaningful when death comes. Whatever the world that is waiting for me after death, I really want to be the better version of myself by the time I open that door.
    I will check out the book in the near future and let you know my thoughts. Thank you again for sharing!

    • I am always happy to share my stories and perspective in the hope of being able to help someone else on their journey through this world.

      Yeah when I first started reading the book and the I may not be 100% right part came I was ecstatic. Too often there is material out there that demands that you believe in it 100% and that to me is a red flag. We all have our imperfections and it is very hard for something in this world to be 100% accurate, especially in a spiritual sense.

      The book does go into a very detailed process of the life & death cycle. If this is something that you are interested in then this is the book for you! I hope that you do get a chance to read it and if so I hope that you pop back to share your thoughts on it.

      Lastly, your welcome and thank you for stopping by again.

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