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Almost a year ago I started a new job and one of the first customers that I had got to talking with me about spiritual things.  A couple weeks later she stopped by and left me a copy of At Peace in the Light by Dannion Brinkley.  In hind sight, it is really funny how and when this all came to fruition at just the right time in my life.

A Connecting Story

For a long time in my life I felt like I had super powers of some sort just waiting to burst out of me.  I would sometimes think that it would be nice if I got struck by lightning and that would release what was welled up inside of me.  I never thought that this might have actually happened to someone or what other consequences there would be…

Dannion shares his story of how he was a normal guy up until he was on the phone one day during a storm and lightning struck.  He actually died that day and had a Near Death Experience or NDE.  It was not his time to go, so he came back with a plan that he needed to complete.

As I read on I was very emotionally attached due to the similarity of my desires and what had actually happened to Dannion.  Not only could I see myself in his shoes, but I could feel the pain that he lived through after his accident.

A Precious Gift

One fateful lightning strike changed Dannion’s life forever.

It wasn’t terribly long after Dannion began his recovery process that he realized that something had changed.  He could hear what people were thinking around him as if they were talking to him.  People that were comforting him with their words, but in their minds were terrified by what they saw.

The book takes you through his journey of learning about his gift and how to use it properly in his life.  It also goes over a plan for a healing center that he was guided to build by entities from the other side.  Lastly, Dannion explains how he found a purpose for himself in volunteering at hospice centers to help those that were getting ready to pass on.

Getting this gift all at once so quickly was a bit overwhelming for him and at first there were some misuses of it as well.  Dannion began to help people when it came to betting and making money, he needed some funds himself but also enjoyed the “friendships” that he had.  However, he would soon realize the dangers of what he was doing and how it was not the right path to walk.

You are taken along on a journey from where a man receives a tremendous gift, to learning how to use it, to learning when to use it, to helping him achieve a purpose in life of helping others.  Overall, it was an amazing journey and one that I think we will all be able to connect with as we flip through the pages, I know I did!

Consistent with My Research

Dannion’s NDE is very consistent with the many other documented cases.

When it comes to psychic powers many people will write it off immediately as a hoax or just plain fantasy.  However, in Dannion’s case there are many consistencies with other well documented NDEs.  On top of that, his experience on the other side is fairly common with other stories that deal with that subject.

Dannion also takes time in this book to describe the healing centers that he was instructed to design and build.  This again is consistent with many things in the spiritual realm and healing goes.  I have done a lot of research on how Past Life Regression has a healing effect on people and a lot of his process mirrors that same structure.

My Recommendation

I highly recommend this book to all looking to broaden their minds.

For anyone that is on a spiritual journey in their life or for those that have lost or are losing loved ones, I would highly recommend this book.  Watching Dannion progress through the “Hero’s Journey” in this book will help provide a lot of great perspective.

I believe the book is extremely helpful in pointing out the dangers of receiving a gift and how it can be misused.  At the same time though it also helps relieve a fear of death in knowing that there is something afterwards to look forward too.

If you are looking to expand your perspective on psychic powers, life after death, Near Death Experiences, Healing, and so much more, than this is the book for you.  Get it, sit back and allow yourself to connect to the material inside and I am willing to bet that you will be very thankful that you did.

If you would like to add this book to your personal library you can purchase it through Amazon and help support this site here:  At Peace in the Light by Dannion Brinkley.

Special Thanks

thanksI would like to pass along my thanks to my customer, Lou, that was so nice as to gift this book to me.  The connections that I had with the book were very special to me and it has certainly helped me on my journey.  I am looking forward to the next time that we get to talk!

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If you have read the book or know the author, please share with us in the comment section below your thoughts and perspective.  Also, if you have any further questions that I may help to answer please feel free to leave them there as well.

Thank you for stopping by today, I hope that you stop back by again!

James W D

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10 Replies to “Book Review – At Peace in the Light by Dannion Brinkley”

  1. Thank you for a great review. One of my cousins actually is currently battling with cancer and I’m doing everything in my power to try and cope emotionally. I also want to find ways to help her more and be there for her when she needs me. She needs a strong person to rely on. I will certainly look into this book.

    • When we can see death approaching, especially for a loved one, it can be very hard to cope with it. We have been raised with fear of death and what might happen for far too long now. I will certainly be sending positive healing light to you and your family.

      Dannion ended up using his gift to help those in hospice care to a great extent. He shares many stories of that in this book and I believe that it can certainly help remove fear from the equation.

      Just know that when this life comes to and end, it is much like that of a caterpillar’s. It is just a transition from one form of life to another. The fun part is that even after that transition we often choose to come back to this world for another go around and often within our same soul family.

  2. My jaw dropped whilst reading this post I have to admit James =)
    It was just so interesting and I even felt emotionally attached just by reading your post about it so I’ll definitely check this book out!


    • Lawrence, I really appreciate that feedback and I am very happy that I was able to convey the level of emotion that this book had for me. I hope that it can do the same for you! Please stop back and let us know what you think of it!

  3. This should be an interesting book. One that will put you to question your thoughts of life and death. I see this as one that would help invoke gratitude in us and let us cherish those that we care.

    Having such supernatural powers is sometimes a gift and also a curse by itself, depending on how we look at it. I think we can draw inspiration from the book itself.

    • Kenny, it was certainly interesting for me! You are very right though in that it will help you to think about Life & Death and will help you to develop a very good perspective on it. Too many of us fear death and spend our lives running from it instead of just living in the now moment.

      Gifts like this are always a double sided sword. They can be used for both good and bad and be both a blessing and a curse, all depending on your perspective. There is certainly a ton of inspiration that can be drawn from this book and in many different avenues as well. This is why I think it is an important one for anyone on a spiritual journey or even if they are just curious about it all.

  4. James,

    First off, Isn’t it amazing how when the time is right, something shows up and comes in to your life at the perfect moment.
    Talk about an incredible gift to receive… Almost die and come back with a purpose to help other people. Especially for people who were about to pass on. Great read.


    • Alan, I could not agree with you more. As I walk down my spiritual path I am learning that moments like that are road signs to let us know that we are on the right path.

      For me it was a very emotional read as I was so easily able to connect with him and what he was going through. All of my fears of developing my gifts were addressed in this book and I can now see better what to be careful of and how things and people around you change. Watching him go from gambling to helping people pass during hospice stays was just amazing.

  5. Interesting, James. So, I’m wondering if we all have special gifts, or “super powers”, lying dormant in our subconscious minds just waiting to be tapped into?? In some ways I think we do. There are lots of indications of such. I don’t really want to get struck by lightening to unleash mine; however, I would like to try to understand it better…maybe through meditation?? What are you thoughts on this?

    • Barb, Early in my life I certainly felt like I had a lot of stuff lying dormant within me. Now I am seeing more and more of these abilities within me starting to wake up as I focus on them and allow them the freedom to come out. Many of us will repress our gifts in order to fit in or be part of the crowd. Little do we realize that the crowd all has the abilities and we are not that different after all.

      Meditation in my mind has been a huge factor in helping me to discover my gifts. I have helped to establish a much more solid capability of empathy by doing so myself. I have also been able to pick up on signs for myself to help keep me on the path that I desire much more easily as well.

      In Many ways, reading this book also helped me to start to feel comfortable with allowing my abilities to surface. I have had many fears of abusing said gifts, but to see Dannion’s story and to be able to learn from his mistakes certainly has been very helpful for me.

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